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Journal of Business Valuation 2021 Edition

From the CBV Institute ...

Valuation of Specialty Pharmacies – Practical Considerations

Do you know the elements to consider when performing a valuation assignment for a specialty pharmacy? Join Jarrod Barraza for a dive into the industry and regulatory backdrop and recent history. Learn about the outlook and market trends with a focus on operational considerations. Discuss the valuation considerations, and hear from Mike Gerling, an expert in the specialty pharmacy industry, who will provide insight as an operator. With a focus on practical considerations when conducting ...

GameStop and AMC set the stage to redefine ‘fair’ investment value

BVWire—UK hopes all of our readers are silently enjoying the GameStop and AMC stock price explosion these last two weeks.

Stark Differences from the Inside Out: Two Key Responders Discuss The Final Stark Regulations for FMV and Commercial Reasonableness

The Stark regulations have been updated. What has changed and how does it impact value? Mark Dietrich and Tim Smith were two major contributors of public comments to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) for the updated Stark regulations with over 100 pages of newly written material that was influential in the development of the final regulatory definitions for FMV and commercial reasonableness. In addition, they included over a dozen chapters from the BVR/AHLA ...

Valuing Micro and Small Businesses in the Shadows of COVID-19

Valuing micro and small businesses in the shadow of COVID-19 is daunting. COVID-19’s effects on the economy has magnified risk and uncertainty for small business, making the job of valuators more difficult. Join small business broker, attorney, valuation professional, and author Gregory Caruso for a deep dive into problematic areas of actual small-business valuation cases. With a review of how the theory ties into the actual application of methods using best practices and professional judgment ...

Global BVU News and Trends September 2020

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

New business valuation resource from Professor Fernandez captures low market returns

Pablo Fernandez continues to release research that may assist UK business valuers working on reports with valuation dates in Q1 2020.

Flop film poses unique valuation challenge

A recent bankruptcy-related case in front of the California Court of Appeal raises important questions about how one quantifies the value of a dated piece of art, a film, for which there never was a market in the first place.

Husband’s earlier sale valuation damages his later divorce valuation

At issue in this marital dissolution appeal was the value of husband’s medical practice.

Gardner v. Gardner

At issue in this marital dissolution appeal was the value of husband’s medical practice.

Market data for M&A

How to Use Transactional Databases for M&A , Shannon P. Pratt, The Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance , March/April 2002, pp. 71-79. In M&A, it is helpful to compare th ...

Importance of Recognizing and Effectively Using Market Evidence in Business Valuations

The Matrimonial Strategist , April 2001, Volume XIX, Number 3 This article presents the most commonly used "market evidence" sources for compiling comprehensive valuation evidence used in defendi ...

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