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BV News and Trends December 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Justifying hockey-stick projections

Valuation experts frequently receive from management what may appear to be an unrealistic forecast that starts off modestly but shoots up in future years as if by magic.

Examining the ‘Reasonably Objective Basis’ Concept for Projections

Recent developments have raised the bar with respect to how valuation analysts document financial projections and forecasts with regard to a “reasonably objective basis.” But what exactly is this concept and where can analysts look for specific guidance.

BV News and Trends August 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Embracing the Hockey Stick: Alternative Approaches to Formulating and Assessing Projections

The question of projections may be one of the most challenging elements of a business or intellectual property appraisal. Most business appraisers will be placed in a position of assessing projections, including projections another appraiser provided. Join Michael Blake for an exploration of the quantitative and empirical methodologies for creating and/or validating projections. As a result of this class, you will gain exposure to potentially new tools to help make your projections more robust and ...

Defining Terms: Forecasts v. Projections—Why Does It Matter?

One area that can trigger some confusion is the difference between the terms “forecast” and “projection.” Some people use them interchangeably, but these are formal terms found in the literature, so they should be used appropriately.

Four questions you must always ask about PFI

There are many things to consider when evaluating prospective financial information (PFI), and much of it can be boiled down to four questions you should be asking, according to the just-released BVR Guide to Management Projections and Business Valuation: Analysis and Case Law.

Two new resources from BVR

Just released!

BV News and Trends May 2021

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Exploring Excel Functions That Help With Business Valuations

Several Microsoft Excel functions are already available in most modern versions of the program that many valuation experts are unaware of. If you use Microsoft Excel for any sort of process, the use of certain functions can make your templates more accurate and allow you to complete an analysis quicker. Join valuation expert and Excel guru Shawn Hyde to learn about setting up dynamic text, which means typing a sentence in a cell in an ...

Global BVU News and Trends March 2021

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Blast from the past on forecasting

During a recent BVR webinar, Josh Shilts (Shilts CPA PLLC) mentioned a helpful article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review (HBR), “How to Choose the Right Forecasting Technique.”

Forecasting: Removing Rose Colored Glasses

Projections are commonly relied on for business valuations, lost profits analyses, reorganization plans, and a host of other projects within litigation. Using forensic accounting analysis, the speaker will address “rose-colored” projections and how to work with them. Expert Josh Shilts will discuss how to increase confidence levels of projections using macro and micro market data along with statistical analysis.

Adjusting the Income Approach Highlights AICPA FVS Conference Panel

A panel at the AICPA FVS Conference fielded a barrage of audience questions about how to help make sure the income approach captures the impacts of the current environment. The panel, moderated by Jim Hitchner (Financial Valuation Advisors), included Lisa Cribben (Wipfli LLP), Harold Martin (Keiter), and Mark Zyla (Zyla Valuation Advisors LLC).

Global BV News: PFI featured in latest OIV Journal

The latest edition of the journal of the Organismo Italiano di Valutazione, the valuation standards-setter in Italy, is now available if you click here.

Little-Known Resource Can Help Bolster Support for Projections

Projections used in business valuation have always been subject to scrutiny—and now more than ever. During the recent ASA International Conference, it was pointed out that many valuation analysts may not know of a resource that can be used to help support their assessment of projections.

Global BVU News and Trends November 2020

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Leigh Miller says valuation ‘ranges’ still raise questions with auditors, even during COVID-19

Using multiple forecast scenarios has been a commonly practiced approach to market volatility—and many UK business valuers are now saying that it should be used more widely.

Discounted Cash Flow: Speculative or Convincing

Gary Trugman and Harold Martin will discuss, debate, and dissect the pros and cons of using a discounted cash flow analysis, particularly in times of COVID-19. With questions such as how to handle the unknown future, when and how to use past performance to forecast the future, what to do when management gives you a forecast that you do not believe, and what to do when management is incapable of giving you a forecast at ...

Global BVU News and Trends April 2020

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Global BV News: OIV Journal tackles 10 big BV issues

An interesting roundtable discussion on the 10 big issues in business valuation appears in the Fall 2019 issue of the journal of the Organismo Italiano di Valutazione, the valuation standards-setter in Italy.

BVU News and Trends January 2020

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Spend more time on the numerator, expert panel advises

Attendees at a recent online workshop were urged to spend more time on the numerator (forecasts) of the valuation equation rather than the denominator (cost of capital).

A simple look at betas—and other inputs to the income approach

When estimating a company’s cost of equity, we all know investors adjust for varying levels of risk.

Fairness Opinions and Projections

Join the expert panel of Craig Jacobson, Richard Peil of GlassRatner, and Jeff Rothschild for this advanced instruction on fairness opinions in 2019. Learn both legal and financial aspects of fairness opinions, with a special focus on the role of projections used in the underlying valuation analysis, with special insight on the interaction between management and the opinion provider. The legal environment for fairness opinions, including descriptions of best practices, will also be considered.

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