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Practitioners disagree strongly on excess earnings methodology

In our October 1996 issue I titled my Editor's Column “The 'excess earnings' method: how to get a defensible result.” We included a questionnaire and solicited reader response. The r ...

Dissent Case Cites Delaware Law But Applies Its Own Interpretation

A bank consolidation gave rise to minority stockholders' appraisal rights, which Berens exercised.

Oakridge Energy v. Clifton

Shareholders dissenting from a sale of corporate assets appeal from the trial court's judgment that, for purposes of the statute giving them a right to appraisal and payment, the "fair market value" of their shares equals the stock market price.

Berens v. Ludwig

At issue is the plaintiff's claim that the comptroller's, the defendant, appraisal of his stock in a bank was conducted in an arbitrary and capricious manner and the appraisal should be set aside.

Tennessee courts accept 'Delaware Rule' in valuing closely-held company stock

Parties disputed the valuation of husband's 22.5% interest in Diversified Polymer Corp. (DPI), a manufacturer of water-based adhesives and coatings.

Bartley v. Bartley

At issue is the the value of the parties' assets as of the date of divorce, including a 22.5% interest in Diversified Polymer Corporation, Southern Adhesives Co., and the value of the residence.

Strategic acquisition results in over 100 percent premium

Much attention deservedly has been devoted in recent years to the recognition that premiums paid in strategic acquisitions tend to reflect synergies between specific companies much more than just elem ...

Maake v. Maake

At issue is the valuation of husband's business, Maake Enterprises, a manufacturer of lowtemperature heating elements for truck mirrors.

Spillert v. Spillert

At issue is the valuation of husband's medical practice.

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