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Trial court erred in splitting accounts receivable considered in buy-out valuation

The Experts: Gregory D. Anderson, CPA, CVA (court appointed) Horne CPA Group Kenneth Lefoldt, Jr., CPA (for Hensarling) Lefoldt & Company Two rheumatologists, James K. Hensarli ...

Howell v. Howell (II)

At issue is whether the trial court erred in valuing husband's interest in his law firm.

Evidence presented at trial determines result

LK comment: We reported on the trial court opinion in this case in the April 1999 issue, and published comments by expert Robert P. Raymond in the June 1999 issue.

Goodwill included in Virginia law firm partnership valuation

This case is confusing to read because there are mixed, and sometimes seemingly contradictory, references to both the appropriate standard of value and the valuation methodologies used by the respective appraisers.

Howell v. Howell (I)

At issue is the valuation of the goodwill of husband's law partnership interest.

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