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iiBV intangible assets 212 course gets kudos

Several BVWire—UK readers have commented that they’ve used the new iiBV 212 Valuing Intangible Assets online course to help staff get up to speed on the key business valuation concepts.

iiBV releases webinar on international cost of capital

The International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV) is expanding their training offerings for business valuators.

Global BV News: Upcoming BV Summit in Mumbai June 6

Ray Moran (MG Valuation) was a speaker at the second of three BV summits being held in India and tells BVWire that he will be providing us with a recap of the event.

Global BV News: Upcoming BV Summits in India

The next in the series of BV summits in India will be on May 3 in Mumbai.

A Recap of the Business Valuation Summit in Bangalore, India

Timely discussions centered around the new draft regulations for a Registered Valuer Organization (RVO), issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and the valuation education and accreditation required to support India’s rapid growth in the global economy.

BV grows internationally ...

Takeaways from the ASA-CICBV Toronto conference

BVR launches Australia BV training—and more

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