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Enterprise Value Adjustment Multiple for Post-Tax Reform Valuations

An intuitive method to adjust enterprise values that were calculated using pretax reform M&A multiples that arguably do not reflect the tax characteristics of the new tax law.

Market Multiple Adjustments: Get a Grip on GRP

A follow-up of an earlier article that focuses on the attributes of growth, risk, and profitability (GRP) in a benchmark analysis of guideline companies.

Adjusted-for-size multiples

Adjusting Guideline Multiples For Size, Michael Mattson, Don Shannon, and Don M. Drysdale , Valuation Strategies , September/October 2001, pp. 24-29. This article offers a solution to the probl ...

How to price Internet IPOs in these wild appreciation days

In this article an nvestment banker explains how IPOs are priced in general and why, that Internet stocks are priced on a price/revenue basis because they have no earnings, and how his firm uses a "Du ...

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