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Valuing Small and Micro Businesses Using the Income Method

Focus in on valuing micro and small businesses using the income methods of business valuation. Learn to distinguish differing risk factors between large companies and micro and very small companies. Join Gregory Caruso for a deep dive into problematic areas of actual small-business valuation cases to review theory and tie it into the actual application of methods using best practices and professional judgment. Audience questions and succinct opinions welcomed in this hands-on event.

The 1999/2000 Medical Practice Valuation Guidebook: Including the Influence of Managed Care

In addition to raising the bar on medical practice valuation, Mark Dietrich has written a text on physician practice management that is really three books in one.

"Tax Basis Does Matter in the Valuation of Asset Holding Companies"

Gasiorowski, John R., "Tax Basis Does Matter in the Valuation of Asset Holding Companies " Business Valuation Review , September 1998, pp. 79-84. The effects of taxes have become a significant top ...

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