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Section 2000 Fair Value Assumes a Hypothetical Seller's Covenant Not to Compete

This was a voluntary corporate dissolution proceeding.

Mart v. Severson

In voluntary corporate dissolution proceeding, Severson exercised his right under Cal. Corp. Code section 2000 to purchase Mart's shares at their fair value to avoid dissolution.

Actual Noncompete Agreement Not Relevant to Fair Value Determination

The California Court of Appeals, District 1, reversed the lower court’s determination of fair value in this voluntary dissolution proceeding.

Dissolution actions yield less than fair market enterprise value

While virtually all states have dissenters' rights appraisal statutes, only a few states have "dissolution statutes," addressing a minority stockholder's right to receive "fair value" in instances of ...

Ex-Wife, Creditors Allege Husband Knew Dental Practices Had Substantial Value When He Filed Bankruptcy

In bankruptcy proceedings, debtor listed "unknown" as the value of his dental practices.

In re Parnes

At issue is the valuation of debtor's dental practice.

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