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Williams v. Williams

The issue in this marital dissolution was the fair market value of husbands medical clinic and surgery center. Goodwill was the major point of disagreement between the experts.

In re the Marriage of Watterworth

Issue is whether court erred in valuing orthodontic practice based on formula in buy-sell agreement.

Partnership Agreement Not Indicative of Goodwill

The primary issue in this marital dissolution is the value of Husband's partnership interest in his law firm of Hunton & Williams.

Trial court erred in splitting accounts receivable considered in buy-out valuation

The Experts: Gregory D. Anderson, CPA, CVA (court appointed) Horne CPA Group Kenneth Lefoldt, Jr., CPA (for Hensarling) Lefoldt & Company Two rheumatologists, James K. Hensarli ...

Howell v. Howell (II)

At issue is whether the trial court erred in valuing husband's interest in his law firm.

Evidence presented at trial determines result

LK comment: We reported on the trial court opinion in this case in the April 1999 issue, and published comments by expert Robert P. Raymond in the June 1999 issue.

Is goodwill a marital asset

Im in the process of valuing a 50% interest in a dental practice in a divorce case. Ive researched the applicable premise for valuation in a divorce case in Alabama previously and found tha ...

Endres v. Endres

Issue was whether the trial court erred in both recognizing and valuing enterprise goodwill assigned to the concrete business.

Koch v. Koch

Issue was the valuation of husband's sole proprietorship, a commercial painting business, including consideration of tax liabilities and goodwill.

York v. York

Issue was the valuation of husband's 85% interest in a medical practice corporation, including whether goodwill component of value should be considered.

Guzman v. Guzman

The issue presented in this appeal is whether professional goodwill is property subject to just and right division upon divorce.

Hazard v. Hazard

Issues were the value of husband's medical practice and whether goodwill in the practice was a marital asset.

Donahue v. Donahue

Issues are whether wife has an interest in husband's dental practice and whether goodwill of dental practice is subject to equitable distribution.

Ullom v. Ullom

Issue is whether goodwill, found by the court to be an asset of a closely held corporation, can be excluded from marital property in equitably distributing shares of stock.

Smith v. Smith

Issues are whether husband's law practice was a marital asset and whether the value of the practice should include goodwill.

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