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Fair Value Measurement Auditing: The How To’s of MPF (A BVR Workshop)

Learn how the new Mandatory Performance Framework (“MPF”) for valuation professionals will help the auditing of fair value measurements, including the extensive documentation and analysis required by the MPF.

In re Penepent Corp.

At issue is the fair value of sharelholder's stock in Penepent Corporation after death.

New York's Highest Court Addresses Election and Valuation Issues in Freeze-Out Case

In 1979, New York enacted legislation authorizing judicial dissolution proceedings by oppressed minority shareholders of closely held corporations.

No Discounts in Rhode Island Fair Value Determination

One of the issues in the corporate dissolution action was whether the trial court erred in refusing to apply a minority discount and a discount for lack of marketability when it valued plaintiff's 20% interest in the defendant corporation.

DiLuglio v. Providence Auto Body

At issue is whether the trial justice erred when he failed to discount the value of DiLuglio's shares in PAB because of their relative lack of marketability and lack of controlling status.

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