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New York Court Finds Excess Earnings Double Counted

In this marital dissolution case, the husband, a psychiatrist with a successful private practice, appealed the judgment of the trial court ordering him to pay monthly spousal maintenance pay ...

A primer on hospital valuations

We are publishing this article on hospital valuation in two parts. The first part of the article gives you background on hospital valuation and discusses trends. The second part of the article, which ...

Done Deals data supports small company risk premiums

The controversy continues both as to the impact of company size on pricing multiples and also as to whether public companies tend to command higher prices than private companies in control sale transa ...

Markets awash in capital for private equity financing

The Institute for International Research presented a new conference, "Financing Privately-Owned Middle Market Companies," in Atlanta Jan. 25-26. Although the conference was poorly attended, there were ...

Comparison between Bizcomps and Pratt's Stats valuation multiples

The Bizcomps 1998 Eastern Edition has been released, with 1,009 transactions covering the last eight years, with an average selling price of $209,220 per transaction. Edited by Jack R. Sanders, CBA ...

Speakers discuss landmark cases, market approach and discounts

This report concludes our coverage of the Nov. 15-17 AICPA Business Valuation Conference. For summaries of other presentations and a list of audiotapes available, see BVU December, 1998, pp. 1-4.

ASA summer '98 conference coverage (continued from August issue)

Highlights from the ASA's summer 1998 conference.

One "consolidation IPO" followed by another creates huge wealth

In October 1991 Douglas R. Colkitt, MD, Larry W. Pearson and Richard C. Holdren founded EquiVision, Inc. They consolidated 18 ophthamology surgery centers and took the company public in November 1993.

Endres v. Endres

Issue was whether the trial court erred in both recognizing and valuing enterprise goodwill assigned to the concrete business.

In Re Marriage of Hogeland

Appeals court says where professional will continue practice, goodwill is a factor in determining future earnings capacity for purposes of alimony; however, trial court erred when it also treated goodwill as an asset in valuation of practice’s stock.

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