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Take Control of Your Premiums

Join BVR for a first look at the new Control Premium Study platform. In the session we will cover the basics of the control premium study, discuss the enhancements to the platform, and provide a walkthrough of how to best utilize the new platform to retrieve control premiums, minority discounts, and multiples.

BVResearch Pro Tackles Tricky Search for Guidance on a 50% Interest

During a webinar, an appraiser challenges BVR’s BVResearchPro platform to find court cases, articles, or any other material that discusses a marketability discount for a 50% ownership interest in a private company.

BVResearch Pro: A Complete and Cost-Effective BV Library

BVR has amassed 25 years of the collective knowledge of the business valuation profession’s top thought leaders and packed it all into a single new cost-effective platform called BVResearch Pro. This program will show you the platform, what it includes, and how it can help you. You will see how the platform’s powerful search engine puts a complete library of insights, news, legal analysis, and commentary right at your fingertips.

Incorporating Industry Research Throughout the Engagement Process (Free Webinar)

In this presentation, the co-founder and CEO of Vertical IQ, Bobby Martin, will share how industry research can help you have more value-added discussions with the business owners you advise. By leveraging industry-specific content in the business valuation process, you will increase new client percentages and strengthen existing relationships. Learn best practices for using industry research to go beyond the basic requirements of business valuations.

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