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Global BVU News and Trends June 2024

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Global BV News: PPAs in India

Almost a third (28%) of the enterprise value of acquired companies in India was allocated to identified intangible assets, and 35% was attributable to goodwill, with the allocation varying considerably from industry to industry, according to an EY study on purchase price allocations (PPAs).

ABCs of Intangible Asset Valuation

Do you know the ABCs of intangible asset valuation? Join Nene Glenn Gianfala to dive into the Approaches used to value intangible assets. Next, tackle the Background, importance, and hot topics of intangible assets. Lastly, bring it all together with a Case study on how to determine the value of goodwill and other intangible assets in a business combination. Get solid with the fundamentals, so you can confidently tackle your next IP engagement.

Benchmarking Identifiable Intangibles and Their Useful Lives in Business Combinations

Join Ray Rath for key insights on the determination of the economic and useful (amortization) lives for intangible assets. The course provides an overview of key accounting guidance pertaining to the valuation of intangible assets. A detailed focus on the estimation of an economic life for intangible assets is included. The event will also include insights on industry-specific factors impacting the valuation and economic lives of different types of intangible assets. A discussion of purchase ...

Global BVU News and Trends February 2021

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Global BV News: Comments wanted on IASB paper on business combinations

At the recent Second Annual Conference on the Art and Science of Business Valuation, conference co-chair Joel M. DiCicco, Ph.D. (Center for International Business Valuation), informed the audience that the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has begun a consultation process for possible changes in the accounting standards for mergers and acquisitions involving companies within the same group.

Valuation of Inventory: Taking Stock of the Guidance

Given divergences in both practice and guidance, inventory valuation can seem challenging. In this webinar, Anthony Pumphrey will illustrate simple, straightforward modifications to the valuation of inventory that you can incorporate into your valuation process. Review what comprises the book value of inventory and valuation guidance from the FASB, the IRS, and the AICPA. Next, walk through an example valuation of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods in accordance with this guidance. The example provided ...

Brand valuation consultancy joins the IVSC

Brand Finance became the first brand valuation consultancy to join the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC).

The Legend of Weighted Average Return on Assets and Benchmarking Purchase Price Allocation Data

The author's research shows that only current assets, non-competes, and customer relationships have any predictability to WACC in limited industries. In general, when intangibles have significance, their coefficients are negative, which reduces WACC and implied risk. This finding supports the claim by Lev and Gu (2008) that intangibles are important assets, which reduce, not increase risk. The concept that intangible always should have a premium above WACC is unfounded, and the premise of ARM 34 that intangibles are ancillary assets is outdated. The author suggests and alternative method to use purchase price allocation data to support the selection of premiums above WACC.

A Primer on Bargain Purchases and Negative Goodwill

When a change of company control occurs, such as an acquisition, a valuation of the assets acquired must be performed to be compliant with generally accepted accounting principles, as mandated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and addressed in Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 805: Business Combinations. This type of exercise is commonly referred to as a purchase price allocation, since the purchase price of the subject company is allocated across all tangible and intangible ...

Purchase price allocations shift away from goodwill

FASB helps us out with market participant definitions

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