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Seattle Packaging Corporation v. Donald E. Barnard

At issue is the valuation of respondent's interest in Seattle Packaging Corporation.

Seattle Packaging Corporation v. Donald E. Barnard

Arbitration commenced to determine value of interest in corporation pursuant to sale agreement.

Mediation as a form of dispute resolution

In our July 1996 issue I described my experience as an expert in a gift tax mediation in my Editor's Column, an article to which readers interested in mediation may wish to refer. In this articl ...

No 'Accountancy' Approach; Court Upholds Arbitration

Gregory J. Grambow, former president of Associated Dental Services Inc., (ADS Inc.), had 20% stock interest in ADS Inc.

Gregory J. Grambow v. Associated Dental Services

At issue is whether the determination of the value of Grambow's shares under a post-employment stock redemption plan is not subject to arbitration and, therefore, the arbitrators exceeded their authority when they determined the value of the shares.

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