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NetOne, Inc. v. Panache Destination Management

Court says plaintiff fails to show defendant breached contract in COVID-19-related damages case; plaintiff’s invocation of force majeure clause is futile where clause is silent as to whether plaintiff has a right to full deposit after termination of contract due to imposed travel restrictions.

Business interruption trends and cases triggered by COVID-19

The gleaming billboards of Times Square went dark on May 27 for one minute to alert the nation that pandemic-related business interruption insurance claims are being denied by insurers.

Discounted cash flow projections during the crisis: tune in Thursday to BVR webinar

To keep DCF analyses trustworthy, are multiple scenarios now required?

New Epsilon Research, FactSet, and DealStats studies offer valuers first indications of the current trajectory in private-company values

Most valuers sense that small and medium-sized enterprises are less marketable, and less valuable, than they were at the beginning of the year.

Meanwhile, business analysts must be ever more cautious in their selection of listed company comparables

Choosing listed company comparables as a proxy for a small-business valuation has always required a leap of faith.

A Revisit of ‘Known or Knowable’ and Subsequent Events in the COVID-19 World

The authors have a recurring client for whom they perform an annual valuation as of December 31. They give a best practice suggestion as to how to address the coronavirus in their valuation report. The article includes a COVID-19 timeline they developed.

A Veteran Valuer’s Guidance on COVID-19 and the ‘Soul’ of a Business

An interview with Robert Schlegel, FASA, MCBA (Houlihan Valuation Advisors), in which he gives his perspectives on our current economic environment and how that affects the business valuation community.

Perfect Storm: COVID-19 and 2020 Election—Unexpected Windfall for E&G Tax Planning

Insights into the impacts on the estate and gift tax area and the opportunities it presents for business valuers.

A View From the UK on the Cost Approach Amid the Current Crisis

The Cinderella of business valuation approaches is likely to make it to the ball when we start to count the economic cost of the present crisis.

Is History Repeating Itself? A List of BV Guidance From the 2008 Financial Crisis

Insights from business valuation history can give some degree of help during today’s crisis. Here are some blasts from the past courtesy of the search capabilities of the BVResearch Pro platform.

BVU News and Trends May 2020

A monthly roundup of key developments of interest to business valuation experts.

Global BVU News and Trends May 2020

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

The Valuation Paradigm of COVID-19: Using the DCF Method After an Economic Crisis

The challenge amid today’s market disruption is to revert back to the foundational elements of valuation and how to properly apply those “blocking and tackling” fundamentals during very untraditional times.

Volatility Adjustments for Industry, Size and Leverage

How well do you understand the theory and application of industry, size, and leverage adjustments for estimating equity volatility? Do you feel confident explaining it to a new analyst? A client? A judge? It may be time to get more confident. Join James Herr for a discussion of the basic concepts around applying volatility estimates in valuation, covering common pitfalls when calculating the basic volatility measure. Learn the differences between equity and asset volatilities, and ...

Structure, Valuation & Tax Insights for Logistics & Trucking Companies

Join Jaclyn Burket Frank and Ricky Castillo for an engaging trip into the world of logistics and trucking businesses. Discover the different types of entity structure along with the advantages and disadvantages of each structure. Learn how the 2018 tax law impacted each entity structure and common deductible/nondeductible expenses for the logistics and trucking industry. The industry-specific adjustments to consider along with specific questions to ask business owners to determine whether economic, governmental, and location ...

AICPA issues FAQs on valuing distressed or impaired businesses

Strong companies may see the current pandemic as an opportunity to fortify their balance sheets and other assets, according to the AICPA’s FAQs on Valuation Considerations When Valuing Distressed or Impaired Businesses.

Does business interruption insurance decrease company-specific risk?

Business valuers often ‘tic the box’ on property and casualty insurance policies as part of their management interviews.

No act of God excuse for Victoria’s Secret buyer—February agreement excepted pandemic

In the wake of COVID-19, a number of buyers have resorted to force majeure (aka act of God) clauses to withdraw from deals.

Alternate market-based valuation methods amid COVID-19

In order to use the market approach in the wake of the coronavirus, your approach will depend on the valuation date and the date the impact of COVID-19 was felt in the market.

Business interruption cases and the role financial experts can play

Filing a business interruption claim has become one of the go-to moves for businesses as they try to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. A discussion of two cases that were adjudicated just before the COVID-19 crisis came into relief explains the trajectory many claims, including claims arising out of the COVID-19 crisis, may take and points to opportunities for damages experts.

Valuation and Covid-19 Update: BVR Townhall and Q&A

In part two of this town hall-style event, Michelle Gallagher, Gary Trugman, Stacy Collins, and Harold Martin talk through key impacts of COVID-19 on valuation issues. From cost of capital to family law to guideline companies, the impact on the inputs, approaches, and the business we value is profoundly felt. Experts who have weathered financial crises before are doing a yeoman’s job of keeping current with the ever-changing information. Send early questions and comments to ...

Should you consider a special COVID-19 premium?

During a recent webinar, a question came up as to whether or not valuation analysts should be separately identifying a risk rate associated with the impact of COVID-19 on a subject company.

Global BV News: IVSC extends comment period on inventory guidance

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), the independent standard-setter for the global valuation profession, has extended the comment period to June 30 for its exposure draft on the valuation of inventory.

Force Majeure: Examining the Post COVID-19 Intercompany Agreement Reality

As COVID-19 continues to shift everyday life and the global economy, accounting professionals are looking for information to help guide their clients through these trying times. These organizations will lean on their in-house experience and should pay close attention to the lessons learned during the 2008 market crisis. Force Majeure is a clause included within an agreement that is commonly referred to as the “Act of God” clause.

IVSC’s Darling describes how business valuation during COVID-19 differs from the 2008 financial crisis

The IVSC, in collaboration with RICS, released a new video looking at the impact of COVID-19 on global markets, geopolitics, and the global economy on 20 April.

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