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Federici v Gursey Schneider & Co

Plaintiff Kathlynn Federici appeals from the judgment and order granting the demurrer of the accountancy firm of Gursey, Schneider & Co. and its employee David Blumenthal 2 (collectively, Gursey).1 Plaintiff alleged that Gursey committed profession ...

Joel Dockett v. Kramer Entertainment Agency, Inc.

The Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed a jury’s award of lost commissions in this breach of contract action.

Goodwin v. Live Entertainment, Inc.

At issue is breach of fiduciary duty by defendant in connection to a merger.

Shareholder Disputes Merger on Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Misrepresentation

Stockholder challenges merger by vote of stockholders based on breach of fiduciary duty, misdisclosure of material facts, and unfair dealing.

Elkus v. Elkus

At issue is whether or not wife's career and/or celebrity status constituted marital property subject to equitable distribution.

Golub v. Golub

At issue is whether or not wife's celebrity status should be valued as marital property.

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