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Paskill Corp. v. Alcoma Corp.

At issue is the fair market value of minority shareholder's stock at the time of a merger.

Court Denies Deduction of Trapped in Capital Gains Tax; Disallows Deduction for Liquidation Costs

This appeal arose out of a cash-out merger of the minority stockholders of a closed-end investment fund known as Okeechobee Inc. (Okeechobee).

Fair Value Cannot Be Determined Using Net Asset Value Alone

The Delaware Supreme Court ruled that a corporation valued pursuant to the appraisal statute could not be valued solely by reference to its net asset value because net asset value equates to the theoretical liquidation value. The statute states that a bu ...

Court Accepts Expert's Value Based on 'Thoroughness and Credibility'

Trapp Family Lodge Inc. (TFL) gave notice of a special meeting of shareholders to vote on a proposed merger.

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Chester Holdings, Ltd.

At issue is the valuation of stock in five aquisitions and the use of proper accounting.

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Chester Holdings, Ltd.

The District Court held that Chester Holdings' overstatements of its financial condition in press releases and SEC filings, made in connection with five acquisitions, constituted fraud and that its officers were liable for insider trading.

In re 75,629 Shares of Common Stock of Trapp Family Lodge, Inc.

At issue is the admittance of expert testimony and the valuation of the corporation's stock.

Court Accepts Expert's Value Based on 'Thoroughness and Credibility': First Judicial Interpretation of Vermont Dissenters' Rights Statute

The issue in this judicial appraisal action was whether the trial court erred in adapting the valuation of $63.44 per share.

Tax Consequences, Shareholders’ Agreement and a Control Premium

The Vermont Supreme Court affirmed the lower court's valuation of dissenter's stock in a resort lodge.

Matador Capital Management v. BRC Holdings, Inc.

At issue is the board's failure to protect shareholder's interest and maximize stock value during a merger.

Disclosure of Valuation Method Not Required

Plaintiffs, shareholders of defendant BRC Holdings Inc. (BRC) sought a preliminary injunction prohibiting the consummation of a planned tender offer followed by a merger of BRC and defendant ACS Acquisition Corp. (ACS).

2nd Circuit Reverses Eisenberg, Allows Discount for Capital Gains Tax

This decision reverses the U.S. Tax Court decision, which disallowed a discount from net asset value reflecting potential capital gains taxes for a C corporation with a piece of commercial real estate as its major asset.

Tax Court Recognizes Discount for Trapped-In Capital Gains

The issue in this case was the value of each of two 25-share blocks (out of 97 shares outstanding) of ADDI&C, gifted on Nov. 21, 1992.

Eisenberg v. Commissioner

At issue is the valuation reduction for capital gains tax liabilities of appellant's gifted shares of stock.

Bornemann v. Bornemann

At issue is whether the trial court properly determined that certain stock options were available for equitable distribution.

Estate of Davis v. Commissioner

Business Valuation and Taxes: Procedure, Law and Perspective ...

Minton v. Minton

At issue is whether appreciation of husband's interest in a closely held holding company is a marital asset subject to equitable distribution.

More Cases … Removal of Partner: Wilmington Leasing

In determining whether the limited partners had sufficient cause under the terms of the partnership agreement to remove the general partner, the court looked at the high value the general partner placed on the partnership's underlying assets.

Oxley v. Oxley

At issue is the increased value of husband's trust and and the increased value of a corporation.

Wilmington Leasing v. Parrish Leasing

At issue is whether the limited partners' determination that the general partner had failed to perform satisfactorily, reasonable and was made in good faith.

Estate of Ford v. Commissioner

At issue is the valuation of five closely held corporations of the in which Ray A. Ford held varying degrees of ownership on the date of his death.

Hanaway v. Hanaway

At issue is the valuation of husband's stock in the family business.

Saltzman v. Commissioner

One of the issues was the fair market value of the family trusts' MBI stock at the time of the recapitalization.

Estate of Lauder v. Commissioner

Dispute regarding the fair market value of the stock in question centers on the effect of a shareholder agreement executed prior to Lauder's death.

Estate of Lauder v. Commissioner

The marketability discount issue involved the valuation of estate shares in a closely held family corporation, given a restrictive transfer of shares provision in the stockholder agreement.

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