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In re the marriage of Lowry

At issue is the valuation of husband's electrical business.

Asset approach valuation upheld, but speculative tax consequences should not be considered

This case comes to the appellate court from the Iowa District Court where a dissolution of marriage decree was entered.

Toth v. Toth

At issue is the valuation of husband's household appliance business.

Problematic Financial Information Properly Excluded From Business Valuation

The issue raised in this marital dissolution appeal concerned the valuation of the husband's home appliance business, AA Toth Company . The parties' expert valuations varied by $700,000. Th ...

Most Recent Financials Disregarded as Unreliable

The Ohio Court of Appeals, 9th District, affirmed the court appointed appraiser’s valuation of a home appliance business. The court appointed appraiser and the wife’s expert determined that the 1998 financials were unreliable. The court appointed expert ...

Fucci v. Fucci

At issue was the valuation of husband's retail business.

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