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Rosemann v. Roto-Die Inc. (II)

At issue in this case were the terms of the stock redemption agreement.

Nordholm v. Herlache Industrial Supply Co., Inc.

At issue is whether the plaintiff waived his right to or was estopped from pursuing a second stock valuation.

Price Term in Stock Redemption Agreement Held Ambiguous

Defendant Roto-Die Inc. is a family-owned business that manufactures rotary dies.

Rosemann v. Roto-Die, Inc. (I)

This action is the fourth suit filed by plaintiff against defendant seeking compensation for his stock on various grounds.

Expert's Assumptions Faulty Because Source Discredited

During the bitter divorce battle to end a 25-year marriage, husband contested the trial court's valuation of the family business, Zero Check, a manufacturer of mechanical gauges Wife's ex ...

Upton v. Upton

At issue is the valuation of husband's interest in Zero Check, Inc.

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