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Felman Production, Inc. v. Industrial Risk Insurers

Court dismisses claim for business interruption losses because neither the plaintiff nor its experts could prove an actual lost sale or lost sale opportunity caused by the damaged equipment.

Cox v. Cox

Court confirms appropriateness of applying a 50% marketability discount to the post-marital value of a steel business but not to its premarital valuation, citing the changes in the steel industry and company-specific factors.

Prudent Investor Method Used to Value Unfunded Pension Benefits Claim

CF & I Fabricators of Utah Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Pension Benefits Guaranty Corp. seeks, among other things, payment for unfunded benefit liabilities accruing because of the lack of assets in the benefit plan.

Pension Benefits Guaranty Corp. v. CF&I Fabricators (In re: CF&I Fabricators)

Parties disagree as to the method that should be employed to determine the present value of future payments because of two ERISA provisions.

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