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In Re the Marriage of Sharon A. Conner v. Robert A. Conner

The Indiana Court of Appeals reversed the lower court's valuation of husband's medical practice. It affirmed the lower court's reliance upon the wife's appraisal of the business, rather than the husband's accountant's 'assessment of the business.' It rem ...

Valuation of appreciation in value upheld with finding of active participation

In this brief opinion, the appellate division affirmed the trial court’s valuation of the preseparation appreciation of the husband’s 20% interest in Ivani Contracting Corp., a family-owned business.

Ivani v. Ivani

At issue is an appeal by the defendant in regards to an interest in Ivani Contracting Corp.

Leonard Pipeline Contractors, Ltd v. Commissioner

Business Valuation and Taxes: Procedure, Law and Perspective ...

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