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Chance v. Chance

Husband has appealed from a judgment decree of divorce, including the valuation of the parties' farm.

Estate of James C. Gibbs, Sr. v. CIR

The Third Circuit reversed the district court in this refund suit. The estate held farmland which was reported as qualified use property under IRC sec. 2032A. During the recapture period, the estate sold New Jersey a conservation easement in the property ...

Ohio appellate court judges trial court's combined valuation to be flawed

Husband appeals the value of a 50% interest in Gest Farms, a dairy farm partnership.

Gest v. Gest

Issue is wether Gest Farms was properly added as a party to marital dissolution, and whether trial court erred in combining two appraisals in valuing Gest Farms.

Stearns v. Stearns

At issue was the valuation of husband's dairy business.

In re the Marriage of Belt

Issue was the valuation of husband's 9 percent interest in the family farm corporation that was subject to a corporate right of first refusal on sale.

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