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In re Marriage of Hagar

Court declines to accept “calculation of value” by CPA expert in divorce, because it relied on industry rules of thumb and lacked required level of judgment compared to complete valuation.

In re Estate of Poach

At issue are the terms of a stock redemption agreement.

Devise of stock not adeemed by Redemption Agreement

In this case, the testator devised stock in Don's Leather Cleaning, Inc. (DLC) to his son Dart, on condition that Dart execute promissory notes to his brother Daniel and his sister Dericia i ...

Bankruptcy Court Erred in Undervaluing Appellant's Collateral

Debtors Peter and Un Kim filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan treating appellant Ardmor Vending Co. dba Great Northern as partially secured ($34,000) and the Ardmor Profit Sharing Plan as wholly unsecured.

Ardmor Vending v. Kim

At issue is the method of valuation of appellants' collateral, given their security interests in both the equipment and the lease of the Kims' dry cleaning business.

Nelson v. Nelson

At issue is the division of marital property, including husband's stock in a cleaner business.

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