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Buy-sell agreement one factor in value of medical practice

In this marital dissolution case, the wife appealed the trial court's valuation of her husband's interest in a medical practice.

Harmon v. Harmon

At issue is the valuation of husband's medical practice.

Judge calculates goodwill based on physician compensation survey

On appeal from a 1994 equitable distribution trial, husband (plaintiff) appeals the value of his medical practice as determined by the Trial Judge. Husband is a cardiologist trained in the s ...

More Court Cases ... Covenant Not to Compete

This case concerns a geographic covenant not to compete among a group of doctors.

Valley Medical Specialists v. Farber

At issue is a covenant not to compete, in which a departing doctor could not practice medicine within five miles of any corporation office for a period of three years.

Carlson v. Carlson

At issue is the methodology employed by the trial court in determining the value of two marital assets, a ten-acre tract of land and plaintiff's medical practice.

Court Lists Factors to Consider in Valuing Personal Goodwill

The trial court valued husband's neurosurgery practice at $800,000 and, after awarding husband 100% of the practice, awarded wife long-term maintenance to equalize the Potters' economic posi ...

Buy-Sell Agreement

The case is a dispute about the value of 25% interest in a medical corporation pursuant to a buy-sell agreement.

Buy-Sell Valuation Driven by Actual Facts

The issue in this case is the value to be paid to one 50% equity holder of a PC.

Potter v. Potter

At issue is the valuation of husband's medical practice.

Dorsey v. Contemporary Obstetrics

At issue is whether corporate goodwill should have been considered in the valuation of the plaintiff's shares of stock in the defendant company.

Reeves v. McReynolds

At issue is the valuation of the plaintiff's interest in the pediatrics corporation and partnership formed with the defendant.

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