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In re the Marriage of Sedlock

Issue was value of husband's 11% interest in accounting firm subject to stock purchase restriction agreement, shareholder employment agreement, and deferred compensation agreements.

In re Marriage of Jones

At issue is the distribution of marital property, including husband's accounting practice.

Guzman v. Guzman

The issue presented in this appeal is whether professional goodwill is property subject to just and right division upon divorce.

Bostwick v. Bostwick

At issue was respondent's interest in a closely-held accounting firm.

Bolan v. Bolan

Issues were the method he used to value husband's CPA practice and trial court's finding that the firm had decreased in value during the marriage.

Sommerfield v. Sommerfield

Issue is whether the trial court erred in valuing husband's accounting business without regard to the worth of its goodwill.

Mitchell v. Mitchell

At issue is whether there is a community property interest in the goodwill of a professional practice conducted as a partnership.

In re Marriage of Leff

At issue is the valuation of the husband's accountancy practice and marital home.

Mitchell v. Mitchell

One issue in this case was whether the intangible assets of husband's CPA practice were goodwill.

Heller v. Heller

At issue is the valution of husband's accounting practice.

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