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Tax Consequences of Hypothetical Sale Found Speculative

The Arkansas Supreme Court reversed a Chancellor's valuation of an insurance agent's book-of-business. The Chancellor deducted the tax consequences of a hypothetical sale of the asset. The appellate court reversed this decision. It found that the tax con ...

Specific industry experience not needed to qualify as expert

In this divorce action, husband contends that the circuit court shouldn't have considered the testimony of wife's valuation expert, Lawrence Lipsky, CPA, because Lipsky had no prior experience in valuing a company like Reib & Reib (R & R), husband's risk management insurance company.

Blinderman v. Reib

At issue is petitioner's expert testimony.

Ellerbe v. Ellerbe

Issue is whether payments owed to husband under installment contract for sale of insurance company he held a stock interest in were marital property.

Mallett v. Mallett

Issue was the proper valuation date of husband's insurance agency.

In re Marriage of Lopez

One issue in this case was the inclusion of goodwill in the valuation of an insurance business.

In re Marriage of Arrotta

One issue in this case was the admitting of testimony by an expert with no experince valuing insurance companies ...

King v. F.I.J., Inc.

At issue is the FMV of shareholder's stock in FTJ.

Weiss v. Weiss

One issue in this case was the increase in the value of a family business.

Bateman v. Bateman

At issue is the valuation of husband's insurance agency.

Boyle v. Boyle

The issue in this case was whether or not the wife had a continuing partnership interest in the business.

Lord v. Lord

One issue in this case was the value of a jointly owned insurance agency.

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