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Silver Valley Propane, Inc. v. Lamanco, Inc.

The California Court of Appeals, Fourth District, affirmed a lower court’s grant of a motion for a new trial on damages where it determined that the lost profits were computed using the wrong measure of damages because they were calculated using gross pro ...

Seahorse Marine Supplies, Inc. v. Puerto Rico Sun Oil Company

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit considered the admissibility of expert testimony.

Cox v. Cox

At issue is the valuation of husband's marital oil business.

Reliance on expert upheld

The Virginia Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court's acceptance of the testimony of wife's expert witness, who testified that in valuing the oil business in question, he discounted the g ...

Appeals Court Accepts Averaging of Two Experts' Values

Respondent, Steven McDuffie, brought a stockholder oppression action against defendants, Thomas and Patricia O'Neal, Joseph Minshew and Blue Flame Gas Co.

McDuffie v. O'Neal

At issue is the defendant's appeal to the valuation of Blue Flame Gas Co., Inc ...

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