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Bare Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing bare (i.e., rigid or flexible) printed circuit boards without mounted electronic components. These establishments print, perforate, plate, screen, etch, or photoprint interconnecting pathways for electric current on laminates.

MPM Enterprises, Inc. v. Gilbert (II)

At issue are the components of the WACC: the cost of debt, the cost of equity and the debt to total capital ratio.

Court Uses DCF to Determine Fair Value of Dissenter's Shares

Petitioner dissented from a merger agreement and pursued his statutory right to an appraisal of his 8% interest in MPM Enterprises Inc., a company that manufactures screen printers for the surface mount technology industry.

Gilbert v. MPM Enterprises

At issue is the shareholder's right to appraisal of the fair value of his shares and compound interest on that fair value from the date of merger to the date of payment.

MPM Enterprises, Inc. v. Gilbert (I)

At issue is the fair value of petitioner's shares of a screen printer manufacturer after merger with a manufacturer and marketer of industrial materials.

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