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Cox v. Cox

Court confirms appropriateness of applying a 50% marketability discount to the post-marital value of a steel business but not to its premarital valuation, citing the changes in the steel industry and company-specific factors.

Goodwin v. Goodwin

Divorce experts diverged by more than $1 million in valuing steel business, and court adopts the larger value based on thorough expert evidence and compliance with the correct valuation date under applicable law.

In re Valley-Vulcan Mold Co., Debtor

At issue is whether the bankruptcy court erred in admitting expert testimony on matters of valuation.

Solvency Opinions Admissible in Bankruptcy Court

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit affirmed the bankruptcy court's decision to permit expert testimony regarding the solvency of the debtor on the date of the alleged preferential transfer.

Harper v. Lovelace

At issue is whether or not Caldwell's Board of Directors violated their fiduciary duty to appellants in the course of negotiating the sale of Caldwell to Contech.

Shareholder Dispute Cases

In this case, the court upheld a Chancery Court decision that the board of directors of a company did not violate its fiduciary duty in organizing the sale of the company's stock to a competitor.

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