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Appellate court affirms valuation of copier business

On de novo review of this marital property distribution case, the husband appealed several issues regarding the trial court's valuation of his copier business.

Liquidation value of obsolete business equipment appropriate

In this marital dissolution case, the Ohio Court of Appeals upheld the trial court's valuation and division of marital assets over the husband's assignments of error.

Drzal v. Drzal

At issue is the valuation of the couple's marital home and husband's printing business.

Chatterton v. Business Valuation Research

At issue is whether the buyout agreement precluded discounts for liquidation costs.

Value Under Buy-Sell Agreement Is Going-Concern Value

The Washington Court of Appeals, Division III, determined that a minority shareholder's interest should be valued as a going concern less a minority discount for a sale completed according to a buy-sell agreement.

More Court Cases … Income Tax: Valley Medical

At issue is whether royalty payments are reasonable in amount and therefore considered to be a deductible expense incurred in carrying on a trade or business under Section 162(a)(3).

Dharma Enterprises v. Commissioner

At issue is whether the royalties paid to Dharma Mudranalaya for certain intangible assets were reasonable in amount.

Estate of Hall v. Commissioner

At issue is the value for estate tax purposes of decedent's equity interest in Hallmark Cards, Inc.

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