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Appraisal Review: Common Areas of Critique and Risk in Litigation

In this presentation, we will address subjective valuation inputs and assumptions that require analyst discretion. Traditionally, these are the most contested inputs in litigation. Therefore, a strong understanding of the rationale behind these inputs is critical for successful analysis. Our presentation will include but is not limited to, a discussion of the following: (1) common areas of critique in the context of appraisal review; (2) examples of such subjective inputs and common rebuttal responses; and ...

Don’t get stung by a bad review of your valuation report

Shawn Hyde (Canyon Valuation) has been reviewing the reports of other valuation experts for years.

Valuation Expert Gets Caught Up in a Plagiarism Nightmare

A valuation expert in a divorce case was discredited over some material in his report that was copied from outside sources without attribution. With the proliferation of data and research on the web, it is easy to inadvertently use something and then forget to add the attribution.

Hitchner on citing BV books and cases

It’s fine to cite authoritative texts in your report—but court cases are another story, advises Jim Hitchner (Financial Valuation Advisors). He spoke at last week’s Forensic and Valuation Services Conference hosted by the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA).

Using the Valuation Report as a Selling Tool

A business valuation report is the perfect forum for selling the valuation analyst’s conclusion regarding the value of the valuation subject. This is an excerpt from the new sixth edition of Understanding Business Valuation, which has a companion website that includes a good selection of full sample valuation reports.

The DealStats Value Index: A Value-Added Proposition

BVR’s DealStats platform is one of the best ways to discover complete financials for public- and private-company transactions. But one aspect that adds substantial value to a DealStats subscription is the DealStats Value Index. Get a sneak peek at some of the 4th quarter 2021 issue’s insights.

Gary Trugman shares sample valuation reports

A good selection of eight sample valuation reports is available on the companion website of Gary Trugman’s book, Understanding Business Valuation, 6th edition.

Three Court Cases You Must Read Before Writing Your Next Valuation Report

Former IRS officials give their insights into the thinking of the IRS on business valuations. This was a session at NACVA’s recent 2021 Business Valuation and Financial Litigation Hybrid and Virtual Super Conference.

Appraisal Review: What It Is, What It's Not—And Why It Matters

The purpose of this article is to clarify what appraisal review is and is not, according to USPAP Standards 3 and 4, and the ways in which appraisal review education can be of benefit to appraisers and ultimately benefit the users of the appraisals. Further discussion includes the qualities that determine credibility of an appraisal, the importance of focusing on the review and critique of a specific appraisal report rather than the appraiser, and the ...

Agree to Disagree: Perils of Bias in Valuation

Appraisers often disagree. Sometimes there is a big value gap, sometimes there is not. How do you reconcile when there is a large difference? What are the key assumptions that create the significant deviation—and potentially expose the bias? This session with Courtney Sparks White and Marc Bello will walk through the typical assumptions that are disputed and provide the appraiser with information to mitigate disagreement early. If you are an appraiser involved in disputed matters ...

Valuation Report - Seminole Manufacturing Co.

This case involved the valuation of decedent's approximately 20% of the stock of Seminole Manufacturing Co.

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