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Would you like to showcase your valuation expertise?

BVR is planning an exciting slate of training events for 2021, and we’re looking for valuation practitioners to act as presenters.

Pandemic Triggers Chances for Valuers in Exit Planning

Remarks from the AICPA ENGAGE conference on the timely opportunities for financial professionals in exit/succession planning. This article gives some basics on how valuation experts can leverage their experience into this type of consulting.

Seasoned Valuers Urge Up-and-Coming Practitioners to Specialize

Insights from veteran valuation experts on how to develop a specialty, which they see as essential for the future of the business valuation profession.

Updated Finance and Accounting for Lawyers now available

An introductory text for attorneys working with accounting and the business valuation world has been revised.

Estate planning opportunity amid depressed business values

Among the key takeaways from the recent ENGAGE 2020 conference sponsored by the AICPA was one of particular interest to business valuers.

MoneySoft BV software now integrated with DealStats

The new version of the MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist software now allows users to import data from BVR’s DealStats database of private- and public-company transaction comparables.

Realistic way to become a specialist in a valuation niche

Orson Welles liked to say that anyone could learn anything in less than 24 hours.

Tales From the Trenches: Think Twice About Adding M&A Services to Your BV Practice

Expanding into M&A services might appear to be a great growth area for your existing business valuation practice, but the author believes that this strategy may be fraught with danger and may do more harm to your existing practice than help to grow it.

How to value uncertainty whilst keeping your clients’ confidence

Chris Thorne tells BVWire—UK that ‘most valuer’s Inboxes at the moment are full of comment about the difficulties of undertaking valuations,’ but he’s still receiving requests for advice about ‘providing a suitable warning in their reports that their valuations are subject to material valuation uncertainty.’

IRS adds locations to job postings for BV experts

A few weeks ago, we alerted you that the IRS was looking to fill six open positions for experienced business appraisers.

BizMiner launches free help for your small-biz clients

BizMiner, a provider of industry and geographic data business valuers use, has launched a public service called the LOOK UP! Initiative.

Poll: Some valuation experts expect an increase in business

During BVR’s recent town hall webinar on the valuation impacts of COVID-19, 25% of the audience said they expect business valuation engagements to “increase slightly” and 21% said business will stay the same.

A marketing channel for business valuers—for better times ahead

Solicitors and their clients use Who’s Who Legal (WWL) to research case law and find experts.

The IRS to BVers: We want you!

No, not for an audit—the IRS is looking for experienced business appraisers to fill six open positions across the U.S.

How to manage your BV career momentum amid the crisis

Valuation professionals who maintain career momentum during this time of crisis will stand out when it’s all over.

This BV practice management tip will surprise you

Ever think of attending CLE events to build your BV practice?

Emerging Issues in Cannabis and Hemp/CBD: Buckle Up as it is Just Getting Interesting!

Talk about a growing industry. As legalization spreads across the country, more valuation professionals are focusing on emerging and evolving issues in cannabis and hemp. If you are a practitioner or an advisor who is involved in the appraisal and analysis of business interests in both the legal, regulated cannabis sector and in agricultural hemp and cannabinoids, then don’t pass on this webinar. Recent developments in state and federal legislation will be covered as will ...

‘Giving back’ differentiates appraisers

One factor that differentiates one valuation expert from another is giving back to the profession, either by volunteering, teaching, writing, and so on.

How to Build a Strong Referral Network

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently said that Amazon’s business is a “flywheel” because each stakeholder of its business creates more momentum for the next. One can say the same thing about Uber or AirBnB. Think about it: How did you hear about Amazon Prime, Uber, or AirBnB? The oldest marketing technique in the book acquired most customers of these companies: referral. Join Joanne Black, Matthew Cahill, Alice Heiman, Robert Gillette for a discussion moderated by Bharat ...

Survey Reveals BV Firms’ Billing Practices and Rates

How do your billing methods and rates stack up against other firms? Here are the results of BVR’s survey of over 160 business valuation, forensics, and litigation services (BVFLS) firms.

Divorce spotlight: Get in front of attorneys to boost your practice

As we discussed last week, marketing to attorneys is a great way to bring in more valuation business. Ads in law journals, speaking at the local bar association, and acting as a partner at events attended by attorneys are all great ideas.

Gary Trugman’s best tip for landing new BV clients

When you talk about prominent and successful business valuation practitioners, the name Gary Trugman (Trugman Valuation) has to come up.

Conflicts of interest—and low cost or automated solutions—plague all the valuation disciplines

Business valuers are required (under the Red Book and IVS standards for instance) to maintain objectivity.

Mark Zyla’s four-step approach to building authority in BV

When you think of fair value measurements, one name that immediately comes to mind is Mark Zyla, who recently launched his own firm (Zyla Valuation Advisors), which is based in Atlanta.

Advisers urge family biz owners to sell now

Amid a booming economy and political uncertainty, wealth advisers are encouraging family-owned businesses to sell before the “party ends,” according to an article in Bloomberg.

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