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ktMINE Reports

ktMINE Reports are customized products that streamline your intellectual property (IP) research process, saving you time and money. ktMINE Reports provide you with a company’s current IP portfolio and investments to expose its innovation strategy and give you the information you need for valuable company insight. Learn more >>

Royalty Rates for Trademarks & Copyrights - Fifth Edition

March 2015 PDF (222 pages)

IPRA, Inc.

Royalty Rates for Trademarks & Copyrights contains more pricing information than any other publication. Based on 25 years of research by one of the world’s leading royalty rate experts, the transactions featured in this unique reference identify the property licensed, the royalty rates, the licensor, and the licensee. Learn more >>

Royalty Rates for Technology, 6th Edition (PDF)

March 2015 PDF (585 pages)

IPRA, Inc.

Royalty Rates for Technology, 6th Edition contains more information on pricing of licensed technology than in any other publication – and 21% more than the previous edition. This unique reference reports all available compensation terms from actual completed license agreements. Learn more >>

Trial Court Misinterprets Damages Rules for Design Patent Violation

Federal Circuit rejects design patent infringement award where prevailing expert improperly apportioned the infringer’s profits and jury failed to determine infringer’s profits but, against the weight of the evidence, simply stated they equaled zero.

Royalty Rates in Copyright Agreements: A BVR Guide to Full-Text Licensing Agreements

August 2010 978-1-935081-42-5 Softcover (1,013 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

For an owner of intellectual property rights, “managing” that intellectual property is now the operative demand. And the first step to “managing” IP is ascertaining its value.This one-of-a-kind guide features over 800 pages of agreements and summaries, including agreements for music, movie, character/personas, scientific/technological information and more. Learn more >>

Licensing Trade Secrets: Overview and Sample Agreements

March 2011 978-1-935081-55-5 Hardcover (217 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Trade secrets are certainly a consideration in every technology license. It has been estimated that the addition of trade secrets to a patent license in technology can increase the value of the license up to ten times. This book discusses and provides an overview of what constitutes a trade secret and how they affect value, plus several different kinds of real agreements that license trade secrets in one way or another. Learn more >>

BVR's Guide to Intellectual Property Valuation, Second Edition

March 2012 ISBN#: 978-1-935081-60-9 Hardcover, PDF (367 pages)

Michael Pellegrino

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Author and leading IP expert Michael Pellegrino analyzes real-world examples of IP valuation and discusses each of the primary IP categories including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. The new edition includes chapters on valuation approaches and guidance, due diligence, discount rate development, royalty rates and much more. Learn more >>

BVR Legal and Court Case Yearbook 2015

February 2015 978-1-62150-047-6 Hardcover, PDF (262 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The BVR Legal and Court Case Yearbook 2015 is essential for business valuation professionals and attorneys to stay current on the most important legal issues confronting the profession. The Yearbook covers marital disputes, breach of contract actions, damages, dissenting shareholder disputes, estate and gift tax cases, federal taxation, intellectual property cases, bankruptcy litigation, and more. Learn more >>

Business Valuation Update Yearbook 2015

February 2015 978-1-62150-048-3 Hardcover, PDF

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

BVR has you covered with the latest news in the business valuation profession! Get your Business Valuation Update Yearbook 2015 now to stay up to date with the most innovative approaches and techniques, leading conferences, new court decisions and changes in regulations and standards in the profession with on-the-ground reporting from valuation experts, thought-leaders and the BVR editorial team. Learn more >>

Royalty Rates in Biotech: BVR's Guide to Full-Text Licensing Agreements

June 2010 978-1-935081-36-4 Softcover

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

To assist in constructing agreements, BVR has published the Royalty Rates in Biotech guide, which contains over 500 pages of full text copies of actual licensing agreements in the biotech industry. These hard-to-find agreements will provide valuable guidance in setting royalty rates and addressing complex issues in a license agreement. Learn more >>

Guide to Intangible Asset Valuation

November 2014 Hardcover (784 pages)

Robert F. Reilly, Robert P. Schweihs


This 700-page book, published by the AICPA, explores the disciplines of intangible asset valuation, economic damages, and transfer price analysis. Guide to Intangible Asset Valuation examines the economic attributes and the economic influences that create, monetize, and transfer the value of intangible assets.  Learn more >>

Commonwealth Sci. & Indus. Research Organisation v. Cisco Sys.

Federal Circuit invalidates infringement award where trial court’s damages model failed to filter out value to the patent in suit accruing from its being essential to wireless standard and failed to adjust its Georgia-Pacific analysis for standardization.

BVR/ktMINE Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide, 2017/2018 Global Edition

October 2017 PDF

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The BVR/ktMINE Royalty Rate Benchmarking Guide, 2017/2018 Global Edition was developed to help provide analysts clarity with an aggregated, big-picture indication of royalty rate trends within industries. The 21 industries examined within this guide help provide better transparency from licensing transactions in a global marketplace that is often murky. Learn more >>

ktMINE Royalty Rate Comparables & Full Text Licensing Agreements Database

The ktMINE royalty rates database provides an efficient and organized gateway to canvass the landscape of intellectual property (IP) licensing payments and agreement terms. This interactive database provides direct access to royalty rates, full-text licensing agreements, and detailed agreement summaries. With precise search functionality, robust data mining capabilities, and a time-saving analysis center, ktMINE  is the tool you should use to quickly identify and analyze market comparables from a goldmine of licensing agreements. Learn more >>

Business Valuation Update

The Business Valuation Update (BVU), a monthly newsletter with searchable online access, includes new thinking from leading professionals, detailed reports from valuation conferences, analysis of new business valuation approaches, thorough analysis of “landmark” legal cases in key business valuation issues, regulatory and standards updates, and much more. Learn more >>

Akamai Techs., Inc. v. Limelight Networks, Inc.

Federal Circuit upholds lost profits award based on adjusted market share analysis, finding expert accounted for huge price disparity between patentee’s product and infringer’s product and based market elasticity discount on sound economic principles.

Deflecto, LLC v. Dundas Jafine Inc.

Court calls Daubert challenger’s attack on expert’s lost profits opinion “misguided”; it unduly focuses on expert’s familiarity with legal standards and fails to explain what is wrong with expert’s use of software program for projecting future damages.

Complex Facts Test Patent Experts’ Apportionment Skills

Court admits apportionment based on lines of infringing code and on value defendant places on product features in accused products but excludes apportionment using forward citation analysis for failure to show value of asserted patents in marketplace.

Nordock, Inc. v. Systems, Inc.

Federal Circuit rejects design patent infringement award where prevailing expert improperly apportioned the infringer’s profits and jury failed to determine infringer’s profits but, against the weight of the evidence, simply stated they equaled zero.

Uncritical Use of Royalty Rate Data Spoils Damages Opinion

Court excludes most of damages testimony under Daubert because expert based reasonable royalty calculation on data from IP databases and publications without subjecting information to rigorous analysis and establishing its relevance to case at hand.

Federal Circuit Sweeps Aside Lost Profits Theories and Award

Federal Circuit strikes down lost profits where patentee does not practice patents and fails to qualify for convoyed sales because of missing functional relationship between nonpatented parts it sells to related company and latter’s patented products.

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