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What’s the ‘Barbie buzz’ worth?

Having a product prominently displayed in a hit movie has value—but how much?

Damodaran values Birkenstock’s intangibles

He doesn’t care for its sandals, but Professor Aswath Damodaran (New York University Stern School of Business) has taken a great interest in valuing the intangibles of footwear company Birkenstock.

BV-real estate gap regarding property rights can skew valuation

At BVR’s exhibit hall booth at the 2023 American Society of Appraisers International Conference in New Orleans, we had a conversation with Barry Cunningham (Property Tax Research LLC) about potential pitfalls when valuing real estate-centric entities (RECEs).

Property Rights and the Real Estate Appraiser

This article provides the business appraiser with a better understanding of how real estate appraisers think about property rights and the distinctions they make between fee simple and leased fee estates. It also discusses two areas where a property rights issue could lead to understating intangible assets in real estate centric entities. Two brief case studies are used to demonstrate where problems can arise and how to resolve them. This is a primer to foster ...

NFT Valuation: What You Need To Know

In 2021, nonfungible token (NFT) prices drastically increased and then dropped substantially just over year later. These digital assets can be difficult to grasp, but they now play a role in personal investment portfolios and on company balance sheets. As a result, valuations of digital assets will be needed for issues such as divorce litigation, estate valuations, bankruptcy litigation, fair value measurements, and more. This presentation will demystify these investments and teach attendees how the ...

New edition of Moro Visconti’s book on digital intangibles is out

The second edition of The Valuation of Digital Intangibles by Roberto Moro Visconti includes updates that address the metaverse, cloud storage, multisided digital platforms, ESG compliance, and more.

Customer relations is the top intangible, per MARKABLES study

Customer relations is the most important of all intangible assets, accounting for 25% of enterprise value, according to a new study from MARKABLES.

Goodwill impairments YTD 2022 are up, per Kroll analysis

Risky financial markets and an uncertain economic environment add up to increased goodwill impairments.

Takeaways from the ASA Fair Value Conference

The 2022 ASA NY Fair Value Conference was held in hybrid form (online and in-person from Hoboken, N.J.) on June 16.

FASB hits ‘pause’ on goodwill project

The big news at the 2022 ASA NY Fair Value Conference last week was that the FASB has dropped its project on goodwill, but it could be revisited in the future.

Human capital and valuation explored in new paper

Everyone knows the phrase “our people are our most valuable asset,” but just how does human capital generate value for organizations?

A Bird’s-Eye View of Major Intangible Asset Benchmarks

This is an analysis of over 30,000 intangible assets and the types most prevalent in acquisitions, including asset values, royalty rates/profit margins, and useful lives.

Goodwill impairments in U.S. doubled in 2020: Kroll study

Total goodwill impairment in U.S. public companies was $142.5 billion in 2020, more than double the $71 billion recorded in 2019, according to the “2021 U.S. Goodwill Impairment Study” by Kroll.

Houlihan Lokey updates its PPA study

Analysts at Houlihan Lokey have released its 2019 and 2020 Purchase Price Allocation Study, which examines key data points of purchase price allocations (PPAs) recorded by U.S. public registrants.

Intangibles, ESG, and digital assets are on the FASB’s new research agenda

In response to feedback received in an agenda consultation, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) announced that its research agenda now will include the following projects.

Benchmark Data on Contract-Based Intangible Assets and Remaining Useful Lives

Many contract-based relationships represent identifiable intangible assets that require valuation apart from goodwill. The data here are from the third edition of Benchmarking Identifiable Intangibles and Their Useful Lives in Business Combinations, which includes data from almost 16,000 purchase price allocations.

Updated Data Help Appraisers With RULs of Intangible Assets

To estimate the expected remaining useful life (RUL) of an intangible asset, it can be helpful to see how other appraisers have assigned RULs to similar assets in the subject industry. Data on 18 identifiable intangible types (also broken down by industry) culled from almost 16,000 purchase price allocations (PPAs) have been assembled into the third edition of Benchmarking Identifiable Intangibles and Their Useful Lives in Business Combinations.

CFAs support annual testing for goodwill impairment

Global standard-setters, such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) in the U.S., are revisiting the issue of annual impairment testing versus amortization of goodwill.

Introducing BVR's Benchmarking Intangibles Guide

Valuing intangible business assets can be overwhelming at times. Between the different approaches and the myriad factors that go into each, it’s easy to miss a step. BVR’s recently released third edition of Benchmarking Identifiable Intangibles and Their Useful Lives in Business Combinations seeks to provide context to this dizzying array of factors with a look at the different approaches for valuing intangible assets—as well as empirical data from actual valuations.

Clint Eastwood awarded $6.1 million in right of publicity case

In a default judgment, actor Clint Eastwood has been awarded $6.1 million from a company that falsely claimed Eastwood had endorsed its CBD products.

Free model adjusts ROI distortion from missing intangibles

Intangible assets that are “missing” from corporate balance sheets (see prior coverage) distort performance metrics and generally overstates return on capital.

New push to explore realignment of intangible asset disclosures

Long overdue is a re-examination of the reporting and disclosure framework for intangible assets (IA).

New course on intangibles debuts at the October ASA conference

A new advanced course on the valuation of intangible assets will make its debut at the ASA International Appraisers Conference in Las Vegas.

BVR releases updated data on identifiable intangibles

Data from almost 16,000 purchase price allocations (PPAs) are included in Benchmarking Identifiable Intangibles and Their Useful Lives in Business Combinations, 3rd edition, which has just been released.

Sneak preview of updated data on identifiable intangibles

Get an advance look at the new edition of a guide that analyzes data on the useful lives of intangible assets culled from over 15,000 purchase price allocations.

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