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10 Special Risk Factors to Consider When Valuing a Dental Practice

Historically, dental practices have had a higher failure rate than the average business because of the special risks these entities face.

The ‘big market delusion’ overvalues companies at first

The allure of a big market for an emerging business is hard to resist and causes “irrational exuberance” that initially overprices companies and triggers an inevitable correction.

BV opportunities in the construction industry

Ever since the housing crash, residential and commercial construction has been in a steady state of rebound.

Energy Valuation Conference May 13: Attend Live in Houston or BVR Webcast

For the second year, BVR is pleased to partner with the Houston Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) to present a live webcast of the Energy Valuation Conference, which will take place on May 13 in Houston.

What It's Worth: Valuing Residential and Commercial Construction Companies

February 2020 PDF

Pasquale Rafanelli

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

What It’s Worth: Valuing Residential and Commercial Construction Companies is an ideal and timely resource for anyone looking for insight into what drives value in a building enterprise and how to account for every special consideration.  The report includes a case study that will illuminate and inform any stakeholder’s thinking.  Expert contributors analyze actual market comps from the DealStats transaction database along with industry intelligence from The Business Reference Guide. Learn more >>

Stripping Away the Mystery; Valuing Adult Cabaret Businesses

Valuing an adult cabaret business may make your colleagues laugh, but, with unique operating characteristics, entertainer relationships, and significant risks and contingencies, there are many concerns to give experts pause. Join David Shindel and Rod Burkert for a look at valuation rules of thumb and a discussion of the current operating environment. Learn the common reasons for valuations: eminent domain, estate and succession planning, damage claims, employment issues, and tax litigation. Learn about the various ...

A ‘one-time, historic opportunity’

That’s how Noam Hirschberger describes the burgeoning cannabis industry, which has triggered a critical need for financial and advisory services including valuation and tax planning that will play an important role in the ongoing success of firms in this industry.

HM Treasury releases major EY study of UK financial tech sector

Business valuers concerned about fintech can get a great view of this critical sector from ‘UK FinTech: On the Cutting Edge,’ a just-released study HM Treasury commissioned back in 2014 as part of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s goal of making the UK the ‘global capital of FinTech.’

Two new resources from BVR

Valuations in the cannabis industry and BV benchmarks are the subjects of two new resources from BVR.

BVR Briefing - Cannabis and Hemp Valuations: A Market Analysis

January 2020 PDF

Ron Seigneur, Ryan Cram

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

There is no better time for the new “BVR Briefing - Cannabis and Hemp Valuations: A Market Analysis” study by Ryan Cram, CVA, and Ron Seigneur, CPA/ABV, CVA, ASA.  Cram and Seigneur present an empirically-based alternative to the “one-size-fits-all” application of market approach in the cannabis industry by putting current cannabis market sentiment and factors in the context of privately-held growth assets and relies upon the same rigor in data selection and research. Learn more >>

A/E industry flying high

“Fueled by a national economic expansion that appears to have no limits, the A/E [architectural/engineering] industry is undoubtedly finishing this decade exhibiting some of the highest levels of confidence, optimism, and growth that we can recall,” says a report from Rusk O’Brien Gido + Partners.

What’s a trillion $ between friends

Saudi Aramco floated last week, and anyone intrigued by fair market value had to take note.

Cannabis appraiser comments on recent guidance

Last week’s BVWire covered the September 2019 AICPA FVS Eye on Fraud quarterly report, “Marijuana and Forensic Accounting—High Times for CPAs?”

AICPA guidance cautions on cannabis valuations

The American Institute of CPAs details the risks and opportunities for CPAs working in the cannabis industry in the latest “FVS Eye on Fraud” report.

Rules of Thumb Highlight the 2019 Business Reference Guide

By far, the most valuable information in the newest edition of this book is the coverage of pricing rules of thumb. This article discusses caveats when using rules of thumb and also reviews their use in litigation with reference to relevant court cases.

WeWork: Translating a business into a story with numbers

A great example of taking a business model and turning it into a narrative with numbers (something that is critical for a good valuation report) is in a recent blog post by Dr. Aswath Damodaran (New York University Stern School of Business) on the unraveling of the WeWork IPO.

Three Industry-Specific Value Drivers to Consider When Valuing Wind Farms

In BVR’s special report, What It's Worth: Valuing Oil, Gas, and Alternative Energy Assets, 2nd edition, the authors cover common value drivers when performing a wind farm valuation, including power purchase agreements, capacity factor, and tax credits.

Special Issues and Considerations When Valuing Wineries

Whether you are a business appraiser, a winery owner, or an investor, wineries are very unique to assess and have many variables that affect the value. Beyond the different valuation methods and how they can be applied to the wine industry, there are unique, industry-specific factors to be considered.

Industry forecast, profit drivers, and inherent risks for pest control services

Vertical IQ, an easy-to-use online service that focuses on the financial aspects of how firms operate in a particular industry, quickly turns you into an industry expert with hard-to-find intelligence on small- and medium-sized businesses. The following covers many of the unique areas of pest control services, which specialize in residential or non-residential services, including the industry forecast, business size and structure, profit drivers, and risks to watch out for.

Companies cite mass shootings as a risk factor

Several public companies have cited mass shootings as potential risk factors in their financial reports, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Sources of deal data for insurance agencies

During a recent BVR webinar on insurance agency valuation, the audience asked Lucas Parris (Mercer Capital) about sources of deal transaction data.

New edition of cannabis market research guide

For business appraisers who are valuing firms in the cannabis industry, The State of Legal Marijuana Markets, 7th edition, is now available.

Insurance Agency Valuation and Consolidation Trends

Insurance agency merger and acquisition activity has been at historic levels for the past several years. But not all insurance agencies are created equal. This session will address the current state of agency consolidation including industry trends, who’s buying and who’s selling, and potential changes on the horizon for insurance distribution. Join Lucas Parris of Mercer Capital as he reviews the valuation methodologies and drivers of value for insurance agencies.

Recording available of ASA Energy Valuation Conference

Last month, BVR webcast the Energy Valuation Conference, which was presented by the Houston Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

Industry Snapshot: Automobile Dealers

An at-a-glance overview and update on current trends, value drivers, and valuation approaches in the complex world of automobile dealerships.

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