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New Tax Law Adds Nuances to Valuing Wineries

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes special tax breaks for a number of industries, including the winery sector. This adds to the special differences experts need to consider when valuing these entities.

FactSet Mergerstat Review, 2018

May 2018 Hardcover, PDF

FactSet Mergerstat

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The FactSet Mergerstat Review is the cornerstone of any mergers and acquisitions library. This must-have resource delivers comprehensive rosters, data and statistics on merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions that involve U.S. companies, including privately held, publicly traded and cross–border transactions, and also lists unit divestitures, management buyouts, and certain asset sales. 
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Dental Practice Valuation 2017: Drilling Into the Value Drivers

Dental practice values have continued to increase over the past three years. Fewer sellers, a growing pool of potential buyers (including corporate), increased competition, and higher costs involved with establishing a “cold start” practice have all contributed to higher values and more opportunity for business valuation professionals. Industry expert Steve Molinelli shares his transaction experience and gives insight into the evolving market dynamics. Jim Anderson translates how those changes should be incorporated into your valuation ...

Valuing Franchises: Beyond Restaurants

Hertz. Marriott. RE/MAX. Franchises are everywhere. Join expert Nevin Sanli for an overview on franchises, the franchisor and franchisee relationship, and key terms found in franchise disclosure documents agreements. Learn the key considerations and potential challenges that may arise while valuing nonfood franchisors or franchisees. With over 30 years of experience, Nevin Sanli will share a detailed case study on the valuation of a franchisee that will provide real-time insight into the thought process as ...

Valuing Auto Dealerships: Applicable Methods, Value Drivers, and Current Economic Environment

Join Tim York and Adam Lawyer to learn about a multitude of considerations to take into account when valuing an automotive dealership, including franchise, location, real estate, management, and more. Today’s dealership valuation environment is further impacted by continued consolidation, a new wave of investors, the cyclical nature of the business, and possible other industry disrupters. Get the presenters’ perspectives on the many unique factors to consider in auto dealership valuation along with an update ...

Revenue mix is key to valuing HVAC companies

There is a big swing in prices for HVAC firms—from under 10% of revenue to over 100% of revenue—depending on the mix of business.

Valuation of Private Equity Firms and Interests

Understanding the technical issues that arise in valuations of private equity firms and private equity fund interests is an advanced skill. Develop and hone that expertise with the help of experts Vladimir Korobov and Peter Rahe. In this webinar, attendees will learn the typical fund management structures and understand the impact of profit participation/carried interest on value. You'll get practical pros and cons about the methodologies including the discrete DCF, Monte Carlo simulation-enhanced DCF, and ...

What It's Worth: Valuing HVAC Companies

August 2017 PDF (93 pages)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

BVR's new special report, "What It's Worth: Valuing HVAC Companies," covers the unique factors that drive HVAC company value, the fundamental ways to measure what a business is worth, insight into the current market for HVAC companies, and how to boost the value of your HVAC business before cashing out. This comprehensive resource is a must-have to benchmark the value of an HVAC company. Learn more >>

Bonding is a key valuation nuance for electrical contractors

The bonding process is very important for electrical contractors, especially in large metropolitan areas where they can’t work on certain jobs without being bonded.

What It's Worth: Valuing Electrical Contracting Companies

July 2017 PDF (105 pages)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

BVR's special report, What It’s Worth: Valuing Electrical Contracting Companies, is your resource for understanding the accounting, operational, and workforce components that affect value within this dynamic industry. With guidance from valuation experts Erin Hollis, Matthew Crane, and others, this report explores the components that go into valuing electrical contractors, as well as the risk factors associated with their operations. Learn more >>

Restaurant Valuation: Industry Segments, Trends, and the Impact of Real Property

Restaurants are one of the most prevalent business types in the U.S., with recent counts at over 600,000 of various types. Due to intensive competition, there is a high failure rate. There is also substantial activity in the sale of restaurants, which creates a need for business valuation work, whether for SBA financing or for a buyer or seller. Business appraisers are challenged to account for industry risk in assigning an appropriate discount rate. Franz ...

The BVR Private Company Value Benchmark Guide, 2017-2018 Edition

June 2017 PDF (425 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The BVR Private Company Value Benchmark Guide is a one-of-a kind tool designed specifically for the private equity library. In the guide we aggregate our most meaningful data and analysis and present private company valuations by industry and key financial metrics. Add the guide to your valuation research team today. Learn more >>

BizMiner: Dig Into the Data With Powerful Upgrades and Client-Friendly Outputs

In this free event focusing on BizMiner, see the power of the most granular industry financial and market analysis available that has been utilized by the valuation community for over a decade. If you are a current subscriber, you’ll get up to speed on the expanded data and improved formatting including new metrics and customization options. If you’re not a subscriber, join us for an exclusive tour of new offerings and features from this powerful ...

Valuing Loan Guarantees

Make your reservation for this case study-focused session starring the probability-weighted expected return method (PWERM). Using the backdrop of a clinical stage biotech company, you’ll observe the differences and similarities between the PWERM and the option pricing method. Join leading expert Annika Reinemann, who will lead a discussion of PWERM when challenged with several potential solutions. Whether you’re performing calculations with weighted average discount rates, underfunded cash flows, or the inclusion of future rounds, this ...

Current Trends in Ambulatory Surgery Center Valuations

The healthcare industry has been searching for ways to reduce healthcare costs while also increasing patient quality and satisfaction. Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are strategically positioned to help bend the cost curve and increase patient satisfaction, which has led to a rise in popularity of investments in ASCs. Experts Angie Smith and Robert Mundy bring you up to speed with an overview of the ambulatory surgery center market and how ASCs fit within healthcare reform.

Purchase Price Allocations for Banks

Purchase price allocations for banking and financial services M&A are a key offering for those working within the industry. Invest 100 minutes in this discussion with Rick Childs and Charles Clow, and understand the unique aspects of ASC 805 as applied to the banking/financial services industry. This balanced discussion offers something for beginners and advanced practitioners including a review of loan valuation and core deposit customer relationship intangibles. In addition to valuation professionals, this program ...

How the valuation approaches stack up for solar energy firms

Appraisers have to consider each of the valuation approaches, but the income approach is the only way to value a solar company, says a valuation expert in the industry.

What It's Worth: Valuing Oil, Gas, and Alternative Energy Assets, Second Edition

April 2017 PDF (187 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The special report, “What It’s Worth: Valuing Oil, Gas, and Alternative Energy Assets, Second Edition” keeps business appraisers, analysts and owners current with the key trends, data, and valuation approaches in this constantly evolving space.  Learn more >>

Architecture/Engineering Business Valuation and M&A Transaction Study, Fourth Edition

March 2017 PDF (48 pages)

Rusk O'Brien Gido Partners

Rusk O'Brien Gido Partners

Now in its fourth year, this study examines data from 198 distinct stock transactions collected via a confidential online survey. All data is analyzed and compiled by Rusk O’Brien Gido + Partners’ team of accredited business appraisers — individuals with decades of experience valuing privately held architecture and engineering (A/E) firms. The result is the most comprehensive and reliable study of business valuations and mergers and acquisitions ever published for the A/E and environmental consulting industries. Learn more >>

Valuing Hedge Funds

Join this advanced-level discussion of technical issues that arise in hedge fund valuations. Vladimir Korobov and Peter Rahe review the fundamentals such as typical fund management structures before moving on to valuation methodologies, such as the pros and cons of discrete DCF and Monte Carlo simulation-enhanced DCF. Become familiar with frequently encountered specific valuation challenges such as investment return expectations, reasonable compensation issues, and important discount rate(s) considerations.

Valuing Banks: Day 2 Case Study

According to the FDIC, 94% of all U.S. commercial banks, or 4,800, are “community banks.” Community banks are closely held, have shareholders’ equity ranging from $5 million to $100 million, and have approximately 150 employees, on average. Due to unique regulatory and operating factors, valuation of a commercial bank requires industry-specific insights and knowledge. Join expert Keith Sellers for insight into all aspects of the valuation of U.S. commercial banks, focusing on “community banks. Day ...

Petroleum Property Income and Market Valuation Approaches (Transactions Beware!)

Characteristics exhibited by producing liquid-rich shale formations often cause inaccurate forecasts of natural gas and oil production when multistage hydraulic fracking is used for extraction. Poor cash flow estimates can be avoided by practicing due diligence when appraising petroleum property value and income. Due diligence is satisfied by comparing volumes recorded on actual royalty check stubs or monthly statements to state-reported production volumes, by relying on petroleum reserve appraisals instead of transaction multipliers or rules ...

Valuing Banks: Day 1 Fundamentals

According to the FDIC, 94% of all U.S. commercial banks, or 4,800, are “community banks.” Community banks are closely held, have shareholders’ equity ranging from $5 million to $100 million, and have approximately 150 employees, on average. Due to unique regulatory and operating factors, valuation of a commercial bank requires industry-specific insights and knowledge. Join expert Keith Sellers for insight into all aspects of the valuation of U.S. commercial banks, focusing on “community banks. Day ...

Social Media: Who Owns It and What Is It Worth?

What’s worth more to a business: a Tweet, a share, a like, or a dollar bill? With over 80% of businesses now using social media, understanding how social media creates value is no longer an optional skill for professional business appraisers. For technology and social media companies, the value of their network can be the most critical part of their business. Expert Mark Zyla (@MarkZyla) shares his knowledge in this engaging session that will be ...

Free sample chart of accounts for a legal marijuana business

Listen to a free webinar on valuation issues with the legal marijuana industry and also get a free sample chart of accounts for a typical firm.

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