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What It’s Worth: Valuing Jewelry Stores

November 2023 PDF (113 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Stay appraised of all the latest methodologies in the jewelry industry! The report explains how jewelry stores operate, the nature of their revenue streams, value drivers, the industry environment, the risks involved, and other factors. Learn more >>

Any impact to multiples from Section 174 changes? Not in this industry

The tax code’s Section 174 requires research and experimentation (R&E) expenses to be capitalized and written off over time.

The 2023 Cannabis Reset: A Redux of 2019?

As we roll through 2023, getting well past what many are calling the post-COVID-19 pandemic era, the cannabis industry appears to be hitting a major reset button. Inflationary trends continue near a 40-year high with no sign of a quick retreat, legislative reforms for the industry have stalled, interest rates and the cost of capital continue to be significant challenges in the sector, and labor and supply-chain disruptions also continue in some jurisdictions.

Private Equity Roll Up of Professional Practices Valuation Considerations

This webinar transcript focuses on private equity roll-up acquisitions of professional practices and the possible effect of these transactions on business valuation.

Valuing Businesses Catering to Seniors

Businesses that effectively address the needs of the senior population adapt to the changing needs and preferences of older consumers, and position themselves strategically can expect to see a positive impact on their valuation.

Adding Value to a Cannabis Business Valuation

Join the experts from Citrin Cooperman in navigating the ever-changing regulatory waters surrounding this industry.

When pest control company owners want to bug out

What does the financial due diligence process look like for a pest control business?

Bizminer Pro Package

The Bizminer Pro Package offers complete access to all of Bizminer's financial and market analytics!

This robust package includes all reports in the Bizminer Premium Package, plus valuation tool, multiples and projections for 10 million U.S. business operations another tool for actionable outreach to your clients.

Learn more >>

What keeps a bank CEO up at night?

Cybersecurity is the No. 1 concern of financial institutions, according to the “State of the Banking Industry Report” from Wipfli.

Bank Valuations 2023

Valuing a bank has never been more challenging or important than it is today, given the dynamic interest rate and macro environment. This presentation will walk through the various methodologies for determining a bank’s value and how the current environment is affecting that analysis. We will also cover fair value implications associated with bank valuation and M&A and its consequences for bank capital and regulatory approval.

Construction Company Valuation

This webinar will provide insight into valuing residential and commercial construction companies. We will cover the approaches and methods that are most commonly used. In addition, we will cover the nuances that one needs to be aware of when valuing these types of companies.

New edition of cannabis valuation book now in BVResearch Pro

The second edition of The Cannabis Industry Accounting and Appraisal Guide is now available to subscribers of the BVResearch Pro platform.

Industry Updates for Firms Most Impacted by the Labor Shortage

The accommodation and food service sectors are especially feeling the pain of the current labor shortage, which can cause ripple effects on a valuation. Here are some recent updates for various firms in these sectors courtesy of the Vertical IQ industry research platform.

Healthcare Valuation: Marquee Topics 2023

The healthcare industry is a different place than it was even just three years ago. The combined result of the COVID-19 pandemic, regulatory changes, and reimbursement shifts have transformed the landscape for all healthcare industry stakeholders. This presentation will provide an overview of what we anticipate to be the most important topics of 2023 (from investing in behavioral health to increasing private equity and venture capital involvement) and their associated implication for healthcare valuation.

Cannabis Industry Accounting and Appraisal Guide, 2nd edition

May 2023 Hardcover, PDF (340 pages)

Brenda Clarke, Ron Seigneur, Stacey Udell

With the Second Edition of The Cannabis Industry Accounting and Appraisal Guide, authors Stacey Udell, Ron Seigneur and Brenda Clarke, distill their wealth of experience into over 340 pages of must-read insights, for anyone involved in this fascinating, rapidly evolving industry sector, including bookkeepers and accountants, lawyers, management and ownership and other advisors.  Learn more >>

Valuing Specialty Medical Practices

Recently retired and devoted to writing new books, including the Engagement Guide to Understanding and Valuing Medical Practice Specialties, nationally known healthcare valuation expert Mark Dietrich shares his “trade secrets” from a 45-year career with valuation engagements in 46 states, as well as consulting in England and Scotland.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Valuation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its progeny (such as machine learning [ML] and robotics) are increasingly becoming reality. The AI explosion is underway. Where and when it comes to the neighborhood of Business Valuation is a subject that we as Valuation Analysts should be informed about. In this webinar, Jim Alerding will explore the new frontier of Artificial Intelligence and discuss how it might impact the valuation of a business. Alerding’s s advice is that AI ...

Free report on public-company multiples

Salvidio & Partners has developed a quarterly research report that provides multiples for global operating public companies by industry.

BVPro adds new guide on valuing fitness clubs

The BVResearch Pro platform adds new content continually to its collection of over 20,000 articles, books, special reports, court case digests, webinar transcripts, and more.

What It’s Worth: Valuing Fitness Centers, Health Clubs, and Gyms

February 2023 PDF (146 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Valuing fitness centers and gyms can provide a serious workout for even veterans of the business valuation field. Make sure you're up to date with all the latest considerations and industry-specific challenges, with this must-read report. Learn more >>

New Research Strengthens Support for the Three-Stage DCF

Unpublished research from Roger Grabowski and Ashok Abbott reveals data on firm growth over three stages: startup, stabilizing, and long term.

Tom West’s Legacy to Appraisers: The Business Reference Guide

BVR was very saddened to learn of the passing of Tom West, co-founder of the International Business Brokers Association and founder of the Business Brokerage Press. Business valuers have him to thank for the Business Reference Guide, which contains pricing rules of thumb for almost 700 types of businesses.

Valuing Real Estate Centered Entities in 2023

A review of the problems business appraisers and analysts see in companies holding substantial amounts of real estate, often necessary to run the business and produce cash flow. Discussion will focus on understanding and incorporating real property appraisal conclusions including an intangible asset and how to test those findings with business valuation evidence ...

SaaS valuation multiples see dramatic decrease

While the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry is poised for significant growth, revenue multiples are projected at a three-year low, averaging a prepandemic level of about 5.5%, according to a report from FirstPageSage.

Dental practices take top spot in industry research on Vertical IQ

For 2022, the most popular industry profile on the Vertical IQ industry research platform was dental practices, based on number of user visits.

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