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Auto dealer valuation formulas have shifted, per Haig report

Until the middle of last year, some sellers of auto dealerships wanted their businesses to be valued based upon an average of the earnings over the past few years, including the pandemic boom times. But, today, buyers are basing their offers on their projections for future profits, which will be below the average from 2021 to 2023, according to “The Haig Report” for Q1 2024.

Using Rule of Thumb Data to Uncover Cooked Books

In addition to using rule of thumb data to corroborate a value conclusion reached using other methods, the data are also helpful for validating historical financials—particularly for cash-intensive businesses. An example and some metrics for cash businesses are presented.

A Channel Analysis Is Key When Valuing a Fast-Food Restaurant

There has been a seismic shift in the operations of limited-service restaurants since the pandemic—and there’s no sign of reverting. Channels of revenue have been upended. Therefore, an analysis along these lines is important when valuing these entities, advises an expert in this space.

Valuation of Crypto Companies: Challenges and Opportunities

As the crypto sector is becoming increasingly more integrated into the financial markets, the development of a valuation framework for crypto assets and crypto companies is all the more pressing for investors, regulators, the accounting profession, and valuation specialists. This presentation will provide participants with a summary overview of the crypto industry and an understanding of the key valuation issues and value drivers associated with crypto and blockchain companies. We will dive into case studies ...

Report examines dental practice financials

PKF O’Connor Davies has released its 2023 edition of “Dental Practices by the Numbers,” which provides key financial benchmarks.

Bloom or bust for landscaping businesses?

It’s that time of year when flowers and trees emerge and grow.

Top Issues Impacting Cannabis Valuations

An apple is an apple. A pear is a pear. A dispensary in MyTown USA is not the same as a dispensary in NextDoor USA. A cultivation facility in Michigan is not the same as a cultivation facility in Illinois. This webinar will focus on adult use legalization, Section 280E, geography, research and resources and other important issues impacting valuations in the cannabis space.

BVR to webcast Energy Valuation Conference May 16

Once again, this year, BVR is pleased to partner with the Houston Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) to present a live webcast of the Energy Valuation Conference on May 16.

Some wine with that valuation?

Very few attendees at a recent webinar had ever done a valuation of a winery.

The Valuation of Dealerships

Many items are purchased from dealerships. We will provide the background and history of dealerships, walk through the profit centers of dealerships, and perform a high-level mock valuation of a dealership.

Is Your Subject Business Still Feeling the Effects of COVID-19?

The pandemic is over, but the symptoms may linger for a long time. For valuation analysts, the concern is whether the businesses they are appraising will be impacted over the long term—an impact that could be positive or negative. An example is the limited-service restaurant business, such as fast-food, pizza, coffee shops, and the like.

Harvesting Knowledge: The Valuation of Wineries

A winery is a unique business that is easy to understand but difficult to value. This presentation will dig into the anatomy of a transaction and how deals are priced and closed as well as the valuation of a winery for compliance purposes. These different scopes of work present different challenges that focus on a buildup of value and assets combined with a fundamental understanding and value of consolidated cash flows. We will present two ...

Kroll examines the staffing industry

Here are a few insights on the North American staffing and human capital industry from Kroll.

A Wealth of Rules of Thumb in the 2024 Business Reference Guide

At a recent conference, an audience member asked top valuation thought leader Gary Trugman (Trugman Valuation): “Do you use rules of thumb in your valuations?” He replied: “Absolutely! But only as a sanity check.” A good source of rules of thumb is the Business Reference Guide, which has been updated for its 2024 edition.

FactSet Review, 2024

May 2024 Hardcover, PDF

FactSet Mergerstat

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

The FactSet Review is the cornerstone of every mergers and acquisitions library. This must-have publication delivers comprehensive rosters, data and statistics on merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions that involve U.S. companies, including privately held, publicly traded and cross–border transactions.  And, as always, the Review is the most reliable source for premiums by year and industry multiples. Learn more >>

2024 ASA Energy Valuation Conference

BVR is pleased to partner with the Houston Chapter of the ASA to present the webcast of the 2024 Houston ASA Energy Valuation Conference. The conference agenda featured presentations from nationally recognized speakers who are profession leaders, covering a range important topics in the industry. Learn more >>

Valuers need to examine the lingering effects of COVID-19

The pandemic is over but not for some businesses that continue to feel the effects—and this impacts valuation.

SBA lending data added to Vertical IQ

The Vertical IQ industry research platform has added key data sets of Small Business Administration (SBA) lending trends and industry performance insights.

Next in Line! Valuing a Limited-Service Restaurant

The restaurant segment is broad and consists of multiple segments with different risk and growth profiles. It is important to categorize a restaurant concept into the appropriate segment properly. This webinar will provide a basis for the classification of restaurants into the appropriate segment. No business is valued in a vacuum, and, to value a restaurant properly, it is important to classify the subject restaurant correctly and understand the different risk and growth profiles across ...

Reminder: Preorder deal on the 2024 Business Reference Guide

The 2024 print edition of the Business Reference Guide (BRG) by Tom West is now available for preorder at a 20% savings if you click here (valid through December 31).

Kroll releases Valuation Insights Q4 2023

In the Q4 2023 edition of Valuation Insights, Kroll experts provide a recap of current global economic and financial market conditions and discuss the implications of a higher cost of capital on valuations, M&A, and IPO markets in the fourth quarter of 2023 and 2024.

Preorder deal on the 2024 Business Reference Guide

The 2024 print edition of the Business Reference Guide (BRG) by Tom West is now available for preorder at a 20% savings if you click here (valid through December 31).

New Research Finds That Industries Have Different Growth Rates

An update to ongoing research by Roger Grabowski (Kroll) and Dr. Ashok Abbott (West Virginia University) supports the use of different long-term growth rates for different industries and the use of the three-stage DCF.

BVPro adds new guide on valuing jewelry stores

BVR’s BVResearch Pro platform adds new content continually to its collection of over 20,000 articles, books, special reports, court case digests, webinar transcripts, and more.

Several industry reports of note

Some valuation firms and practices that have specialties in various sectors put out some interesting industry-specific reports, and they are free.

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