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Global BV News: Feedback regarding radical proposals on the reporting of intangibles

In February 2019, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) published a discussion paper titled Business Reporting of Intangibles: Realistic Proposals that contemplates proposals for a radical change to the accounting and reporting for intangible assets.

Global BVU News and Trends April 2021

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Global BV News: KPMG on early-stage valuations

“Despite the COVID-19 crisis, global venture capital funding increased 4.0% year over year to USD 300 billion in 2020,” says KPMG’s Quarterly Brief—International Valuation Newsletter for the second quarter of 2021.

Global BV News: Learn to say ‘no’ to some clients, says former ANEVAR president

Some business valuation clients are “dangerous,” and valuers need to say “no” to them, advises Dana Ababei, former president of the National Association of Authorized Romanian Valuers, Romania (ANEVAR).

Global BV News: Input wanted on two major IVS consultations soon to close

If you prepare, review, or use valuations that are compliant with International Valuation Standards (IVS), two consultations are of interest to you, and your input will be appreciated.

Global BV News: Free webinar series from the IVSC starts May 17

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) has announced that this year’s International Valuation Webinar Series will take place from May 17-27.

Global BVU News and Trends March 2021

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Global BV News: PwC examines working capital in DACH and Benelux regions

An interesting analysis of how the COVID-19 pandemic has put cash and working capital into the limelight is in the 2021 edition of PwC’s annual “Working Capital Report,” DACH and Benelux regions.

Global BV News: Registration opens for CBV Congress 2021

The full agenda is now available, and you can now register for the CBV Congress 2021, held by the Chartered Business Valuators Institute (CBV Institute), Canada’s valuation professional organization (VPO).

Global BV News: Comments due in April on two IVSC exposure drafts

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) has issued two exposure drafts with comment deadlines during April.

Global BV News: Eurozone private M&A soars despite COVID-19

Private equity acquisition prices in the eurozone soared to a new record, according to the free Q4 2020 Argos Index, confirming an overheated rebound to what now appears to be a business value “blip” caused by COVID-19.

Global BV News: New IVSC paper on business valuations and ESG

Although there is an increased awareness in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, there is no common approach on how to reflect ESG in business valuations.

Global BV News: Cost of capital parameters in Europe as of Dec. 31, 2020

ValueTrust has released a seventh edition of its “European Capital Market Study” that serves as a comprehensive compilation of capital market parameters such as cost of capital and implied as well as historical risk premiums for European countries.

Global BV News: New IACVS chapter formed in India

The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists (IACVS) has a newly formed chapter in India with a board consisting of reputed valuers from across the country.

Global BVU News and Trends February 2021

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Global BV News: New online guide to valuation standards around the world

The folks at Valuology have compiled profiles of the valuation regulatory infrastructure in over 100 jurisdictions around the world.

Global BV News: IVSC roundtable on new standards for financial instruments

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) will hold a virtual roundtable on February 18 on the proposed new international standards governing the valuation of financial instruments.

Global BV News: Kohli scores again with top celebrity brand value in India

Virat Kohli, captain of the India national cricket team, has topped the powerful celebrity brand list of Duff & Phelps for the fourth year in a row, according to its Celebrity Brand Valuation Study 2020: “Embracing the New Normal.”

Global BV News: KPMG on business valuations and ESG

While environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors are seeing a “remarkable increase in awareness,” there is no “common approach regarding how to systematically factor ESG into financial valuations of specific target businesses,” says KPMG’s Quarterly Brief—International Valuation Newsletter for the first quarter of 2021.

Global BVU News and Trends January 2021

Business valuation news from a global perspective.

Global BV News: ‘Amazing’ rebound for valuations in India

Over the past six months, “we have been amazed that valuations for most industries (save some severe casualties of COVID, including tourism, hotels, and aviation) are back to pre-COVID levels,” says a study on cost of capital in India.

Global BV News: European goodwill impairment up 18% in 2019

Total goodwill impairment recorded by European-listed companies in the STOXX® Europe 600 increased for a second consecutive year, rising 18%, to €36.4 billion (bn) in 2019, as fears of a slowdown in global growth persisted, according to the “2020 European Goodwill Impairment Study,” from Duff & Phelps.

Global BV News: PFI featured in latest OIV Journal

The latest edition of the journal of the Organismo Italiano di Valutazione, the valuation standards-setter in Italy, is now available if you click here.

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Journal of Business Valuation 2020 Edition

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