What It's Worth: Architecture and Engineering Firm Value (PDF)

December 2015 978-1-62150-059-9 PDF (74 pages)

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Determining the value of an architecture or engineering (A/E) firm is a complex assignment. In this fragmented industry, the structure of firm ownership and the types of services they perform varies wildly. Adding to the puzzle is a business model that relies less on tangible assets than it does on intangibles such as client mix, key employees and more. Both business appraisers and firm owners need to understand all of the intricacies of an A/E firm business model including client mix, the sources of contracts, a firm's exposure to market sectors, and the depth of its management and design talent to truly understand what drives and creates value.

In this BVR special report, What It's Worth: Architecture and Engineering Firm Value, experts home in on these issues to help business valuators, business brokers, and A/E practice owners understand the nuances to valuing a firm, along with data analysis that reveals the latest benchmarks in A/E firm value.
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Table of Contents


Section I:  Valuing Architecture and Engineering Firms

Ch. 1. Risk Factors to Consider When Valuing an Architecture/Engineering Firm

Ch. 2. Tips For Using the Market Approach to Value an A/E Firm

Ch. 3 Financial Performance Norms Used in A/E Valuations

Ch. 4. Common Errors in Valuing Professional Practices

Ch.5. Goodwill in Professional Practices

Ch. 6 ‘Two-Legged’ Assets Drive Value in Professional Services Firms

Ch. 7. Valuing Covenants Not-to-Compete: an 11-Factor Checklist

Ch. 8 Succession Planning Builds Architecture/Engineer Firm Value

Section II: Data

Ch.9: A/E Firm Valuation Multiples From Pratt’s Stats

Ch. 10. Rules of Thumb:  Architecture Services

Ch. 11 Rules of Thumb:  Engineering Services

Section III:  A/E Firm Value and the Courts

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