Royalty Rates for Trademarks & Copyrights - Fifth Edition

March 2015 PDF (222 pages)

IPRA, Inc.

Trademark and copyright royalty rate information is at the heart of this important book. With an introduction from the experts at Navigant Consulting, Inc., who present critical statistics and industry trends, this book explains how to implement financial models for the derivation of royalty rates. The newly released 5th Edition is a must-have reference providing royalty rate information for trademarks and copyrights based on over 320 real-world transactions.

Royalty Rates for Trademarks & Copyrights contains more pricing information than any other publication. Based on 25 years of research by one of the world’s leading royalty rate experts, the transactions featured in this unique reference identify the property licensed, the royalty rates, the licensor, and the licensee. You also get details on outright sales, infringement damage awards, and settlements. This just-released edition provides a unique collection of real-deal data that will help you:

  • Negotiate better licensing deals
  • Value trademarks and copyrights
  • Develop and support infringement damages