Pratt's Stats & Public Stats Combo

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Pratt's Stats and Public Stats are now DealStats, a state of the art platform that boasts the most complete financials on acquired companies in both the private and public sectors. Pratt's Stats and Public Stats are no longer available to purchase. If you are a subscriber, please login using your "My BVR."  Learn more about DealStats >>


Business appraisers, M&A professionals, financial advisors, investment bankers and lawyers have relied on Pratt's & Public Stats Deal Databases, an unbeatable combination, to most accurately value - or to dispute the value of - any subject company.

Pratt's Stats is the leading private company merger and acquisition (M&A) database, boasting the most complete financial details on more than 26,000+ acquired private companies, with up to 149 data points including 6 valuation multiples, 13 financial ratios, financial statements (income statements and balance sheets), and purchase price allocations. Each Pratt’s Stats merger and acquisition (M&A) deal transaction includes detailed data vital in applying the market approach, deriving a selling price, or performing a fairness opinion analysis.

Public Stats is a fully searchable public company merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction database with 3,800+ transactions that detail the 100% sale of public companies. Widely used by business appraisers, financial advisors, investment bankers and venture capitalists when applying the market approach, Public Stats features up to 64 data points on each transaction and is a natural extension of Pratt’s Stats, adding more comparable transaction data to your reports.