Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert, 6th Edition

May 2017 978-1-119-16632-0 Hardcover (1,440 pages)

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

The Litigation Services Handbook is the definitive guide for financial experts engaged in litigation services. Attorneys require financial experts now more than ever, and this book provides the guidance you need to provide a high level of service as witness and consultant. Enhance your litigation skills as you delve into the fine points of trial preparation, deposition, and testimony; project authority under examination, and hold up to tough questions under cross-examination.

Fraud investigations are a major component of litigation support services, and this book delves deep into Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and other relevant topics to give you a foundational understanding of how these cases are prosecuted, and your role as the financial services expert. This updated sixth edition includes new coverage of technology's role in the financial expert's practice, and the focus on investigations provides practical insight from leading experts in the field. From the process itself to proving damages, this indispensable reference covers all aspects of litigation services.

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Providing litigation support requires more than just your financial expertise; you also need a working knowledge of relevant case law, and a deep understanding of both the litigation process and the finer points of courtroom appearances. This book provides the insight and perspective you need to provide superior service to attorneys and their clients.

  • Understand your role in trial preparation and testimony presentation
  • Provide authoritative responses to direct and cross examination
  • Examine and analyze Sarbanes-Oxley rulings
  • Lend financial expertise to fraud investigations

The growing demand for financial expert litigation services has created a niche market for CPAs, creating a lucrative opportunity for qualified accountants who also possess the specialized knowledge the role requires. The Litigation Services Handbook is THE essential guide for anyone involved in financial litigation.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • 1. A Dispute Resolution Primer 1.1 (Elizabeth A. Evans, Daniel G. Lentz, Roman L. Weil)
    • 2. Serving as a Financial Expert in Litigation (Elizabeth A. Evans, Roman L. Weil)
    • 3. Testimony Considerations
      • Part A: Daubert Criteria (Douglas E. Branch, Saleema K. Damji)
      • Part B: The Art of Testimony (Daniel G. Lentz)
    • 4. Damages Theories and Causation Issues (Elizabeth A. Evans, Phil J. Innes, Daniel G. Lentz)
    • 5. Ex Ante versus Ex Post Damages Calculations (Elizabeth A. Evans, Roman L. Weil)
    • 6. Use of Statistical Sampling in Litigation (Mark A. Gustafson, Peter P. Simon)
    • 7. Survey Research in Litigation (Paul J. Lavrakas, Jeffery A. Stec)
    • 8. Statistical Estimation of Incremental Cost from Accounting Data ( M. Laurentius Marais, William E. Wecker, Roman L. Weil)
    • 9. Econometric Analysis (Anna C. King, Mohan P. Rao, Christian D. Tregillis)
    • 10. Estimating the Cost of Capital (R. Jeffrey Malinak, Justin McLean)
    • 11. Business Valuation (Joseph J. Galanti)
    • 12. Business Interruption Insurance Claims (Daniel G. Lentz, Robert M. Reeves)
    • 13. Lost Earnings of Persons (Daniel G. Lentz, Elizabeth B. Sandza)
    • 14. Expert Analysis of Class Certification Issues (Christopher Chorba, Mark A. Gustafson, D. Lee Heavner, Peter P. Simon)
    • 15. Data Management (Karen M. Cheek, Erik W. Gibson, Cathy Hasenzahl, Matthew P. Jennings, Russell L. Miller, Vincent M. Walden)
    • 16. Prejudgment Interest (Jeffrey M. Colón, Michael S. Knoll)
    • 17. Punitive Damages (Peter A. Bicks, Rachel M. McKenzie, Shasha Y. Zou)
    • 18. Tax Treatment of Damages Awards (Jill Kennedy, Tim Sherman)
  • Intellectual Property
    • 19. Economic Analysis of Nonpatent Intellectual Property Rights and Damages Measures (Elizabeth A. Evans, Peter P. Simon)
    • 20. Patent Infringement Damages (Landan J. Ansell, John W. Holzwarth, Vincent E. O’Brien, William B. Scally)
    • 21. Role of Financial Experts in ITC Section 337 Investigations (Ryan N. Herrington, Brendan P. Rogers)
    • 22. Calculating Infringer’s Profits in Trademark, Copyright, and Design Patent Cases (Christopher P. Gerardi, Dawn R. Hall, Juli Saitz)
    • 23. Royalty Audits and Contract Compliance Investigations (Ben W. Sheppard)
  • Ownership and Business Failure
    • 24. Merger and Acquisition Transaction Disputes (Elizabeth K. Gulapalli, Christen L. Morand, Gregory E. Wolski)
    • 25. The Troubled Business and Bankruptcy (Daniel G. Lentz Grant W. Newton Lynda H. Schwartz)
    • 26. Alter Ego (Elizabeth A. Evans, Daniel G. Lentz, Regulatory Litigation)
    • 27. Federal Securities Acts and Areas of Expert Analysis (Kevin L. Gold, Eric Korman, Ahmer Nabi)
    • 28. Economic Analysis in Securities Class Certifi cation (Michal A. Malkiewicz, Cathy M. Niden, Mohan Rao)
    • 29. Monitorships and Deferred Prosecution Agreements: History, Process, and Recent Trends (Norman J. Harrison)
    • 30. Securities Finance Disputes (Edmon W. Blount, Eric B. Poer, Tiko V. Shah)
    • 31. Antitrust (Amy W. Ray, Christopher D. Wall)
    • 32. Federal Contract Disputes (Andrew G. Artz, Sajeev D. Malaveetil)
  • Construction and Real Property Disputes
    • 33. Construction Claims (Bilge Astarlioglu, Stephen P. Lechner)
    • 34. Real Estate Litigation (Mariano S. Borges, Steven A. Klett, Mark R. Molepske, Michael E. Straneva)
  • Other Civil Litigation
    • 35. Accountant Liability (Mark A. Carlson, Thomas H. L. Selby)
    • 36. Executive Compensation in the Litigation Setting (Eli Bartov, Lynda H. Schwartz)
    • 37. Covenants Not to Compete (“Noncompete Agreements”or “NCAs”) (Elizabeth A. Evans, Kevin F. Rasmussen, Roman L. Weil)
    • 38. Employment Litigation (Christopher Haan, Elaine Reardon, Ali Saad)
    • 39. Fair Lending Litigation (Joshua Garcia, Valerie L. Hletko, H Joshua Kotin, Benjamin P. Saul)
    • 40. Tax Fraud: Criminal Cases (Edward M. Robbins Jr.)
    • 41. Financial Statement Investigations (Dean C. Bunch, Karen M. Cheek, Desi Ivanova)
    • 42. Health Care Fraud and False Claims Act Damages (Frank E. Correll Jr., Thomas A. Gregory, Gregory M. Luce, Karen A. Makara)
    • 43. International Investigations: Successful Planning and Execution (Sergio P. Negreira)
    • 44. Family Law Services (Donald A. Glenn, Charles A. Burak)
  • About the Editors
  • About the Contributors
  • Index