Intellectual Property Valuation Case Law Compendium, Second Edition

August 2014 978-1-62150-039-1 Hardcover, PDF

BVR (editor)

Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Intellectual property litigation has received remarkable attention lately. Headlines and the notion of billion-dollar damage awards have captured the imagination of patent owners and potential defendants alike. BVR's Intellectual Property Valuation Case Law Compendium, 2nd Edition contains over 170 case digests and online access to the full text opinions that deal with disputes over the value of intellectual property. Use this compendium to take the guesswork out of understanding what it takes for an effective expert/attorney team to win a case in intellectual property valuation.

With billions of dollars at risk, the implication for expert witnesses focused on valuation is acute. In large cases, it is not unheard of for one side to designate many experts on various topics from market analysis to technical analysis to economic analysis. This compendium provides case digests and in-depth articles for expert witnesses who testify on intellectual property matters, including:

  • Damages and lost profits
  • Reasonable royalties
  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Comparable licenses
  • Expert witnesses
  • And more!
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Table of Contents


  • Intellectual Property Overview by Michael A. Crain
  • New Model Accounts for Crucial Factors in IP Valuations by Mike Pellegrino
  • Latest Techniques to Sort Out the Complexities of Brand Valuation
  • Cost of Capital: You Can Love More than Just One, by David Wanetick
  • Uniloc v. Microsoft: Where do we Go from Here?
  • Uniloc v. Microsoft: Lessons Outside of the Courtroom, by Brad Pursel
  • The Role of FAS 141 Valuations in IP Litigation, by Mike Annis and Brad Pursel
  • A Poor Example of Celebrity Valuation, by Mike Pellegrino
  • 10 Key Patent Damages and Valuation Takeaways from Google v. Oracle, by Steven R. Hansen 
  • Indirect Profits from Copyright Infringement: Establishing a Connection Between Profits and the Infringement, John Pilkinton and Ryan Bell
  • Proving Damages in Trademark Cases, Stanley P. Stephenson and Gauri Prakash-Canjels
  • Case Law Digests