Guide to Intangible Asset Valuation

November 2014 Hardcover (784 pages)

Robert F. Reilly, Robert P. Schweihs


This 700-page book, published by the AICPA, explores the disciplines of intangible asset valuation, economic damages, and transfer price analysis. Guide to Intangible Asset Valuation examines the economic attributes and the economic influences that create, monetize, and transfer the value of intangible assets. Authors Robert Reilly and Bob Schweihs, Willamette Management Associates managing directors, discuss such topics as:

  • Identifying intangible assets and intellectual property
  • Structuring the intangible asset valuation, damages, or transfer price assignment
  • Generally accepted valuation approaches, methods, and procedures
  • Economic damages due diligence procedures and measurement methods
  • Allowable intercompany transfer price analysis methods
  • Intangible asset fair value accounting valuation issues
  • Valuation of specific types of intangible assets (e.g., intellectual property, contract-related intangible assets, and goodwill)
  • Illustrative examples are provided throughout the book, and detailed examples are presented for each generally accepted (cost, market, and income) valuation approach
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Who would benefit from this book:

  • Litigation counsel involved in tort or breach of contract matters
  • Intellectual property counsel
  • International tax practitioners
  • Property tax practitioners
  • Auditors and accountants
  • Valuation analysts
  • Licensing executives
  • Multinational corporation executives
  • Commercial bankers and investment bankers
  • Merger & acquisition professionals
  • Bankruptcy professionals
  • Judges and arbitrators