Financial Valuation Applications and Models, Third Edition

April 2011

James Hitchner

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Filled with a wealth of detail, practice tips, and examples, Financial Valuation: Applications and Models, Third Edition brings together thirty nationally recognized names in the valuation industry hailing from a variety of professional specializations-including accounting, business appraisal, and financial analysis-to provide practitioners with an indispensable reference on various valuation issues. Assembled by valuation authority James Hitchner, these contributors analyze, explain, and collaborate on the most effective valuation procedures to share real-world applications in the field of financial valuations.

  • Written by 30 top experts in business valuations field
  • Provides the valuation theory, the consensus view on application, and then the tools to apply it
  • An all-encompassing valuation handbook that presents the application of financial valuation theory for business appraisers and consultants
  • New chapters on Assessing Risk and Expert Witness Testimony
  • Expands chapter on Cost of Capital

Comprehensive in coverage and authoritative in treatment, James Hitchner's Financial Valuation, Third Edition provides trusted, complete business valuation information for CPAs, appraisers, analysts, attorneys, and corporate executives.

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Table of Contents

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CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Financial Valuation

CHAPTER 2 Standards of Value

CHAPTER 3 Research and Its Presentation

CHAPTER 4 Financial Statement and Company Risk Analysis

CHAPTER 5 Income Approach

CHAPTER 6 Cost of Capital/Rates of Return

CHAPTER 7 Market Approach

CHAPTER 8 Asset Approach

CHAPTER 9 Valuation Discounts and Premiums

CHAPTER 10 Report Writing

CHAPTER 11 Business Valuation Standards

CHAPTER 12 Valuation of Pass-Through Entities

CHAPTER 13 Estate, Gift, and Income Tax Valuations

CHAPTER 14 Valuation of Family Limited Partnerships

CHAPTER 15 Summary of Tax Court Cases Issues

CHAPTER 16 Shareholder Disputes

CHAPTER 17 Employee Stock Ownership Plans

CHAPTER 18 Valuation in the Divorce Setting

CHAPTER 19 Valuation Issues in Small Businesses

CHAPTER 20 Valuation Issues in Professional Practices

CHAPTER 21 Valuation of Intangible Assets

CHAPTER 22 Marketing, Managing, and Making Money in a Valuation Services Group

CHAPTER 23 Business Damages

CHAPTER 24 Other Valuation Services Areas

CHAPTER 25 Valuation of Healthcare Service Businesses

CHAPTER 26 Special Industry Valuations

CHAPTER 27 Valuation Views and Controversial Issues: An Illustration