Frequently Asked Questions

RCReports Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: How many reports can we run?
A: You can run as many reports as you need. There are no limits.

Q: Can we have multiple users?
A: The Basic and Premium plans allow you to define as many users as you desire, but only the specified number of users can be active at any given time.

Q: RCReports Resource Library?
A: The RCReports Resource Library contains a wealth of information about Reasonable Compensation matters, including white papers, IRS guideline and court findings.

Q: What is the RCReports Referral Network?
A: The resource network, available to Basic and Premium subscribers, matches your firm with potential clients in your area that need Reasonable Compensation assistance.

Q: What is a Premium Referral Network Listing?
A: Your premium listing in the RCReports Referral Network, available to Premium subscribers, includes options for your logo, web link, and a designated contact and phone number.

Q: Are Private Brand Reports Available?
A: Yes - give your Reasonable Compensation reports a polished professional look by including your firm name and logo on each report.

Q: What are the Warp Speed Wage Query Tools?
A: The Warp Speed Wage Query is a toolbox for instant access to Cross Industry wage data, as well as Industry Specific wage data and the Independent Investors Test.

Q: Can I Suppress Instant Report Delivery?
A: Yes - as a Premium subscriber, you have the option to prevent showing your clients reports which allows you to review the draft report and formulate suggestions or comments for your client prior to sharing the report with them.

Q: What Is the Tax Compliance C Corp Report?
A: This report is designed to help C Corps meet the IRC section 162 requirement that compensation be ordinary, necessary and reasonable.

Q: What Is the Tax Compliance S Corp Report?
A: Addresses the IRS requirement that shareholder-employees of an S Corp pay themselves Reasonable Compensation for the work performed for their company.

Q: What Is the Normalization for Valuation Report?
A: Helps Valuators support the normalization of owner's compensation, this report provides an independent, unbiased estimate of the value of services rendered to the company by the owner.

Q: What is the Planning Report?
A: Normalizes compensation for owners and key management of closely-held businesses. Planning reports can be used for a wide range of issues such as: Entity Planning, Shareholder Disputes, Deferred Compensation, etc.

Q: Can We Designate Alternate Administrators?
A: Yes - Basic and Premium subscribers can share the load by designating alternate administrators for their account.

Q: Can I Share My Clients with My Team?
A: Yes - Basic and Premium subscribers can allow selected users to share access to clients assigned to other users.

Q: Can We Re-assign Clients to New Users?
A: Premium subscribers can easily balance workload and staff changes by reassigning selected clients to another user.