Frequently Asked Questions

Guideline Public Company Comps Tool Add-In
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Thank you for visiting the FAQ page for the Guideline Public Company Comps Tool Add-In. If you're unable to find the answer you are looking for, please contact us at 1-503-479-8200 and we are happy to help.

Q: Is there a page that lists the names of data tags that can be used within the Excel add-in?

A: You can find the list of data tags, as well as their definitions, that are available in the Excel add-in here.

Q: Does the Excel add-in only include U.S. companies or are non-U.S. companies available?

A: The Excel add-in captures public-company fundamentals for companies that file 10-Qs and 10-Ks with the SEC, and stock prices for companies that trade on a U.S. exchange. While this is predominantly U.S. companies, it may also include some non-U.S. companies.

Q: How do I install the Excel add-in?

A: You can learn how to install and use the Excel add-in here.

After purchasing the GPCCT, BVR will send you an API key that you will need for accessing the data available in the Excel add-in. Please allow for one business day to receive this API key.

Q: Does the Excel add-in include any precreated templates?

A: Yes. These templates can be found as a button under the “Intrinio” add-in at the top of Excel on a PC and in the folder installed on your computer if using a Mac (since Macs do not include a tab at the top of Excel).

Q: Will you provide some examples of using the add-in formulas in Excel that includes a valuation date?

A: You can download a spreadsheet with example formulas here.

Q: Is there more documentation on the Excel add-in?

A: You can learn how to use the Excel add-in here. This is a consolidated page, including links along the left side of the page for installation instructions, troubleshooting help, examples, and formulas.

You can find a list of available data tags (fields) to be used in your formulas here.

If you would like to see some specific formulas, here are some of the most commonly used:

It may also be helpful to review the formulas provided in Intrinio’s precreated Excel templates to better understand how Intrinio’s formulas work (these are available on the “Intrino” tab in your Excel workbook). These templates can serve as the starting point to create your own Excel templates.