Early Stage Valuation: A Fair Value Perspective

June 2020 978-1-119-61363-3 Hardcover

Antonella Puca

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Early Stage Valuation: A Fair Value Perspective provides a comprehensive review of the current methodologies used to value Early Stage Enterprises (ESEs) at fair value for financial reporting, investment, and mergers and acquisitions. Author Antonella Puca, Senior Director with Alvarez & Marsal Valuation Services in New York, provides accurate, up-to-date information on recent guidelines and new approaches for valuation assessments.

This authoritative guide examines how to apply market analysis, discounted cash flows models, statistical techniques such as option pricing models (OPM) and Monte Carlo simulation, the venture capital method and non-GAAP metrics to ESE valuation. The text considers the most recent AICPA, Appraisal Foundation and IPEV guidance, and examines developments in both academic research and venture capital investor practice. Numerous real-world case studies illustrate early stage valuation suitable for structuring sound, internally consistent business transactions.

The book also includes contributions from Neil Beaton, Andreas Dal Santo, Alexander Davie, John Jackman and Mark Zyla.

Early Stage Valuation: A Fair Value Perspective is an essential resource for valuation specialists, private equity and venture capital fund managers, analysts, attorneys, investment bankers, regulators and auditors, and investors with interest in the private equity and venture capital industry.

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Table of Contents:


About the Author

About the Contributors



Part One Early Stage Valuation in Context

Chapter 1 Early Stage Enterprises and the Venture Capital Market 

Chapter 2 Fair Value Standard

Chapter 3 Capital Structure 
Alexander Davie and Antonella Puca

Part Two Enterprise Valuation

Chapter 4 Seed Stage Valuation and the Venture Capital Method
Andreas Dal Santo and Antonella Puca

Chapter 5 The Backsolve Method
Neil Beaton and Antonella Puca

Chapter 6 Discounted Cash Flow Method 
John Jackman and Antonella Puca

Chapter 7 Asset Accumulation Method 
Antonella Puca and Mark Zyla

Chapter 8 Non-GAAP Metrics in ESE Valuation 

Part Three Valuation of Financial Instruments

Chapter 9 Allocation of Enterprise Value 

Chapter 10 Valuation of Options and Warrants 

Chapter 11 Valuation of Debt Securities 

Chapter 12 Valuation of Contingent Consideration 



Highlights of the Guide include: 

Covering current trends and the latest regulatory guidance in the area, this book:

  • Provides step-by-step guidance on practical valuation applications

  • Reflects current standards for ESE valuation, including the AICPA Guide to the Valuation of Portfolio Company Investments, the IPEV guidelines and guidance from the Appraisal Foundation

  • Covers new approaches to the valuation of ESEs with option pricing models, Monte Carlo Simulation, calibration and non-GAAP metrics

  • Offers an overview of start-up valuation

  • Discusses how intangible assets are impacting the valuation of ESEs