Defensible cost of capital
measures in a time-saving tool.

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Designed by Roger Grabowski and James Harrington, the Valuation Handbook — Risk Premium Toolkit is a web-based model that offers defensible cost of capital measures, particularly for small target companies. Users can perform a calculation based on risk premium report data or CRSP deciles data.

Each calculation instantly delivers a fully customizable “Executive Summary” in Microsoft Word format that includes sourcing, key inputs, and a concluded range of cost of equity capital estimates using both the buildup and CAPM methods. The Toolkit also delivers historical equity risk premiums (ERPs) and size premiums for 25 size ranked portfolios using 8 alternative measures of company size. With the robust built-in functionality, you can analyze and report on high financial risk companies – one of many benefits not available in any risk premium tool on the market. 

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